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  • Woman Wins 168 M Dollars in Historic Judgment

    A physician assistant, Ani Chopourian, 45, just won $168 million in a case involving sexual harassment in California. Analysts said that the sum given to Chopourian may be, historically, the largest ever received by one victim of sexual harassment in the workplace. Chopourian received her credentials to be a physician assistant from the Yale School of Medicine more than 10 years ago.

    Chopourian had been working at Mercy General Hospital in Sacramento, California for a total of 2 years before her superiors fired her. She was quoted as accusing the hospital of being a hostile work environment that violated individual rights on all levels. Chopourian’s victory will go down in U.S. history as possibly the largest sexual harassment case to date.

    During her 2 years at Mercy General Hospital, Chopourian had filed countless complaints about workplace sexual harassment, but they were left unaddressed or at least unresolved. She said that she had filed more than 18 complaints—most of them involving a rage-prone surgeon who allegedly stabbed her once using a surgical needle and purposefully broke one patient’s ribs during anesthetized heart surgery. Another surgeon would grope her on a daily basis and voice sexual phrases at her, such as, “I’m horny.” A third surgeon, Chopourian claimed, spoke derogatively to her in the operating room, insulting both her intelligence and her Armenian background by implying that she was an advocate of Al Qaeda.

    Chopourian’s case is a classic, though extreme, example of a bully at work (or multiple bullies in this case) that just won’t quit. If you have problems with a bully at work or if co-workers are ganging up on you to treat you badly, then recruit the legal assistance of a sexual harassment lawyer. Los Angeles is full of attorneys ready to help out victims of workplace sexual harassment. A good sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles is also smart enough to know that Chopourian’s case is by no means an isolated incident and, despite her recent triumph, hundreds of victims still need help every day.

    Chopourian was fired by managers of the hospital who said that it was actually the physician assistant who had acted unprofessional. Despite all the complaints, the managers had even tried to take away Chopourian’s employee benefits after they terminated her position. When your employer doesn’t enforce the law, contact a sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles as soon as possible before more damage to your body, psyche and reputation occurs.

    A jury listening in on the 3-week trial granted Chopourian the huge judgment last Wednesday. Some have claimed that the jury felt shocked at the hostility and unprofessionalism practiced at the hospital, which led them to make such a monumental decision. In addition to the vulgar treatment of Chopourian, a litany of other witnesses claimed that the hospital thrived in an environment where female employees were often discriminated against and patients were abused physically and mentally. Analysts of the case said that this type of behavior was condoned by management to bolster egos of the cardiac surgeons, who brought in the bulk of the hospital’s profit. Chopourian went as far as suggesting that the arrogance she endured at Mercy General was not uncommon in other Sacramento surgery units where she had also worked on occasion.

    Chopourian’s interview reminds everybody that sexual harassment in California, and elsewhere, is a huge problem that must be dealt with. Anyone who needs help with sexual harassment should make their case public by contacting a reputable sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles. A sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles will help you bring your perpetrators to justice effectively and efficiently. Victims don’t have to suffer one day longer knowing that a sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles is on their side.

    President of Mercy General Hospital, Denny Powell, had said that his institution plans to appeal the court decision, which may result in a reduction of Chopourian’s award. However, many have expressed confidence that Chopourian’s victory will not be overturned during any appeals process. If you would like to learn more about hospital sexual harassment in California, then feel free to contact a sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles.