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  • Woman Beheads Attacker After Repeated Sexual Harassment

    Sexual harassment can leave a victim with deep emotional scars; the act of continually being abused changes a person’s self image and has a negative effect on their self esteem and ability to trust others. Harassment can occur in the workplace or anywhere we have contact with members of the opposite sex; more often, women are the target for sexual predators and should be aware of how to fight back against aggressors. The law protects victims and offers legal recourse to stop unwanted sexual advances and inappropriateness, but some victims feel ashamed or afraid about revealing they are subjected to such situations; this failure to report can give more power to the abuser and leave the victim in a worse situation.  A sexual harassment lawyer in Orange County can help determine if your particular case warrants a legal remedy, contact an office to find out if they can help.

    Women who report their cases find they feel a sense of empowerment after prosecuting their abuser, but some women feel they have no outlet and take matters into their own hands. Recently, a woman from Jabalpur district in India has made shocking headlines with her action against her abuser. Ms. Rajkumari, age thirty-eight has been charged with beheading her attacker.  Rajkumari killed Mr. Yadav as he worked in a field nearby, after the incident, the woman walked with his head to a temple over one mile away, police were notified and arrested her at the scene.

    The incident has been sensationalized in India and has shed light on the plight of lower socio-economic woman of the country; their right to a secure life and free will over their sexuality has all come into question. Rajkumari claims to have killed Yadav after repeated sexual violence against her, the recently single woman moved back to her hometown after her husband was incarcerated for theft. She claims that the man had been stalking her and had broken into her home numerous times to harass her.

    The case has yet to be tried, but shows the extent of emotional turmoil that repeated sexual harassment can cause to the psyche of an otherwise reasonable person. No one should have to endure sexual abuse, if you or someone you know has been victim of sexual violence or inappropriateness, contact a sexual harassment lawyer in Orange County.

    While the case against Ms. Rajkumari is unusual, the fact that sexual abuse causes deep emotional disorders is universal. Women like Rajkumari who live in remote villages may be forced to suppress or hide the fact they are being abused due to an irrational fear or reality of being blamed for the attack. They may even be fearful of retaliation from the abuser or their own family; many have to suffer in silence to avoid bringing “shame” upon themselves. The cycle of violence some women experience can cause psychological disorders; post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression are just a few potential disorders they may suffer since many of these women receive no support or counseling regarding the disturbing incidents.

    Many victims find solace in therapy or group sessions where they can freely express their emotions and feelings. Sexual abuse is against the law, get help and find what legal avenues you can take by contacting a sexual harassment lawyer in Orange County. We all deserve to feel safe; silence hurts the victim and everyone around them.