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  • Walmart Case Requires Sexual Harassment Lawyers

    Sexual harassment is a big matter that’s often swept under the rug by employers or by employees unwilling to speak out. That’s definitely not the case with the class action lawsuits being leveled against Walmart.

    The lawsuit, initially representing over 1 million women, was eventually pared down to multiple claims. The U.S. Supreme Court asserted that the 1.5 million women that took part in the initial claim did not have enough in common to warrant a class that large. Initially filed by 6 women, the lawsuit stems from the claim that Walmart discriminates against female employees by offering them lower pay than men holding similar positions and receive fewer opportunities for promotion and advancement. The suit was originally filed in 2001 and snowballed into the largest class action law suit in U.S. history before being brought back down to a more manageable size. That’s not to say the law suits are small now though, since one proposed California class consists of 45,000 women. The myriad of women participating in the lawsuit may be eligible for back pay and punitive damages if the lawsuit is successful as the case seeks to represent “all women employed at any Walmart domestic retail store at any time since Dec. 26, 1998.”

    One of the most significant accomplishments of this case is that fact that it has brought to light the issue of gender discrimination in the workplace, a clear violation of U.S. employment law.  Under the Equal Pay Act of 1963, women are entitled to the same compensation as men for comparable positions; something that the women of the Walmart case are alleging was violated. Sex discrimination is not limited merely to pay, but can extend to other areas of employment, such as hiring, vacation time, and work responsibilities. If any of the aforementioned areas are affected by virtue of your gender, you may have a case for sex discrimination.

    In addition, sexual harassment is also a form of gender discrimination that may require the employ of a sexual harassment lawyer. Sex discrimination can create an unwelcoming and hostile work environment that decreases productivity and creates resentment. If you ever feel like your job security is threatened by virtue of your gender or if you’re repeatedly being passed over for significant work promotions, it’s possible you may have a case for sex discrimination.

    The first step to take should always be to speak to your manager, or to a human resources representative, in order to seek an internal solution to the issue. However, this isn’t always feasible or effective, and in such cases you’ll need the help of a sexual harassment lawyer to aid you in recouping the lost opportunities and pay you’ve missed out on. Diefer Law Group has a staff of highly trained sexual harassment lawyers in Orange County and is able to handle your care with the delicacy and finesse it needs.