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  • Victim of Rape Shares Her Story

    Candice Hall didn’t tell her mother that she’d been raped at age 16 until 4 years after the attack. She didn’t tell anybody else for another 4 years after that. Hall is now 34 years old, living in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She speaks publically at schools and community centers in order to encourage younger victims of rape not to take the same path that had made her feel alone for so long. She works for the Fort Wayne Women’s Bureau, as the group’s outreach specialist.

    Hall tells her listeners that if you’re wounded by rape, emotionally, physically, psychologically or however else, you are not without options. Rape is never the victim’s fault, even if he or she dresses or acts a certain way, and talking to others about sexual violence can help you to recover. Hall said that at the time that she was raped she was uninformed. She didn’t realize that there was action that could have been taken. She didn’t even realize that the crime could be reported.

    In 2011, Hall told her story to more than 4,500 students in intermediate and secondary schools. She tried to teach them that there are things that you can do to prevent rape, and what to do if you are raped. Hall’s efforts are a testament to how education about sexual harassment is not as much of a focus in American schools as it should be.

    The Consortium for Education and Social Sciences Research and the Center for Evaluation and Education Policy of Indiana University jointly reported earlier this year that sexual abuse and rape are widespread problems in the state of Indiana. The report cited figures released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to support the claims and does not take into account victims like Hall who have been too scared to report rape. Experts suggest that a solution to this sexual harassment problem could be rooted in bettering education among students who are often the victims of sexual violence.

    Unfortunately, Hall said that sex-related topics are still a delicate topic for school administrators and parents who want to protect their children. Nobody wants to scare the students. But Hall said that it’s important to consider that rape and other forms of sexual harassment happens every day, and no individual home or community is an exception. It is better to keep your family informed and prepared.

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