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  • University Student Subjected to Sexual Harassment and Racial Discrimination

    As previously mentioned, sexual harassment on college campuses is a rampant problem that needs to be addressed. A student at the University of Bridgeport knows this all too well, claiming that in 2009 she was sexually harassed by a male student for months, being subjected to unwanted sexual advances and inappropriate sexually explicit comments.

    The right course of action for the student, Balayla Ahmad, would be to report the harassment to an individual in a position of authority, which is exactly what she did. Ms. Ahmad reported the harassment to two different teachers, but the responses she received were useless, to say the least. One teacher claimed that students accused of harassment generally weren’t dealt with in a swift, effective manner, while another teacher claimed he would converse with the harasser and told Ms. Ahmad to refrain from reporting the harassment to the dean.

    Unfortunately, reporting the harassment to the teachers didn’t resolve anything, so she went a step further and resolved to report the incident to the dean of the university. While this should have brought about a conclusion to the incident, the dean was less than accommodating, reportedly saying, “My hands are tied. What do you suggest I do?” To add insult to injury, shortly after reporting the sexual harassment, Ms. Ahmad was approached by security directors of the university and told that someone had accused her of being a terrorist and had called the FBI.

    Ms. Ahmad, a practicing Muslim who routinely wore a hijab, was paid a visit by two FBI agents who were investigating the terrorism claim. After clearing her of any wrong doing, Ms. Ahmad learned that the terrorist allegations had stemmed from her harasser, who had apparently made the claims in retaliation against being accused of sexual harassment. In addition to the initial sexual harassment, Ms. Ahmad had now become a victim of racial discrimination as well.

    When Ms. Ahmad requested special accommodation for her exams, in order to avoid her harasser, the university refused and instead dismissed her from the university by a disciplinary committee. The university is now being sued by Ms. Ahmad for their gross negligence in handling her sexual harassment claim and for retaliating against her for filing the initial sexual harassment claim.

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