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  • Teens are Target When it Comes to Workplace Sexual Harassment

    Mendota Restaurants – the parent company of an Illinois-based Kentucky Fried Chicken and Taco Bell has agreed to pay $150,000 in order to keep the sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit against them from going to court.

    The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleged that a store manager harassed his female employees for more than a year. Additionally, several employees were allegedly “forced out of their jobs” in retaliation for having complained about the sexual harassment. Several other employees reportedly felt that they had no choice but to quit as a result of the abusive working environment.

    Although this case happened in Illinois, the state of California also has very strict laws prohibiting and governing against sexual harassment. If you feel you have been sexually harassed in any way, contact an Orange County sexual harassment attorney today.  Sexual harassment in fast food restaurants is not rare. In fact, recent research shows that teens working in low-paying positions (such as fast food chains as was the case above) are more likely to be sexually harassed while on the job.

    The study conducted by Illinois State University reveals that adolescent employees in low-opportunity jobs (i.e. fast food as is the case above), are more likely to be sexually harassed by older co-workers than adult employees. The study also shockingly reveals that more than half of the females surveyed had been harassed at least once while on the job in the last two years. Unfortunately, sexual harassment is not rare, especially for entry level positions.

    But from the fast food employee serving the food, to the high powered executive running the fast food chain – sexual harassment happens at all levels of employment. Regardless of your position, if you are a California based employee, and you feel you have been sexually harassed, chances are you were. So do not hesitate. Protect your rights. Call an Orange County sexual harassment attorney today.

    The study’s lead author suspects that “Adolescents may be targeted more frequently than adults given their relatively low status and power in the workplace… They may also be less comfortable reporting the harassing behavior or they may be unsure about the reporting procedures in their organizations.”

    But the first step to stopping sexual harassment is reporting it. Because the more cases that go unreported, the more likely the harassment will be to continue with you – and with other employees. So do not hesitate. Take action. Contact an Orange County sexual harassment attorney today.

    An Orange County sexual harassment lawyer can give you more information on California state laws, as they apply specifically to your case – regardless of your level of employment. So contact one today.  An Orange County sexual harassment attorney can be contacted at (949) 260-9131.