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  • Speak Up: Don’t Let Fear of Retaliation Keep Your Claim Silent

    Reporting sexual harassment can be tough, even without any other factors included, but unfortunately there are many cases when a sexual harassment victim experiences retaliation from either the company management or the harasser. When this happens, the best solution is to get the services of a sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles. Often times, sexual harassment victims worry that filing a case may turn out to be disastrous resulting in the loss of a job, a demotion or a transfer to another area. Fortunately for victims, these actions are considered retaliation and are all violations to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

    Women who have reported sexual harassment to company management often find themselves tagged as troublemakers, causing them to be further antagonized by co-workers. According to a sociologist, Helen Watson, more women prefer to stay silent than to suffer”hostility and isolation from colleagues”. A sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles is able to provide support and advice to those who feel that they have been victims of retaliation in response to the filing of a sexual harassment claim.

    After filing a sexual harassment case, individuals should be on the lookout for the following potential reactions:

    • The victim and the case will become a social topic in the workplace. Co-workers and supervisors will have different opinions about the case filed, some of them unsympathetic towards the victim.


    • Co-workers are often part of the support network of a person. There is a decent possibility that some of these people will no longer want to be part of the victim’s network. People will tend to “leave the victim alone” for fear of getting involved in the case.


    • The victim may be “sexualized” and others may take advantage of this depiction. People who disagree with her case will attack her personality and may even imply that the sexual harassment was warranted.


    One cannot fully control the situation. A sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles can evaluate the case by looking at the circumstances and developing a solid case built around them. Sexual harassment victims shouldn’t stay silent for fear of repercussions. A sexual harassment victim is protected under federal and state laws and pursuing the case filed is the best course of action a victim can take if all internal procedures have failed.