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  • Sexual Orientation Discrimination at the Library of Congress

    Investigators on Capitol Hill are looking into complaints of sexual orientation discrimination at the Library of Congress. Democratic Senator Charles Schumer from New York told local news reporters at radio station WTOP that he responded to allegations filed by an ex-analyst who claimed to have been fired by his boss for being gay.

    Schumer is Chairman of the committee overlooking the Library of Congress and said that the law protects all employees from sexual orientation discrimination. Schumer said that he is examining the details of this case personally to ensure that justice is served.

    The ex-analyst, Peter TerVeer has been working at the Library of Congress for almost 4 years. Since being hired TerVeer has earned two promotions and heaps of praise for his performance. However, according to claims made in his affidavit, TerVeer’s treatment at the workplace when his employer John Mech found out that TerVeer was homosexual. A complaint TerVeer previously filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission indicated that Mech discovered TerVeer’s sexual orientation after Mech’s daughter befriended TerVeer on Facebook.

    According to TerVeer’s sexual harassment lawsuit, Mech began to harass him at work after TerVeer’s sexual orientation was brought to light. Mech allegedly tried to impose his own conservative homophobic viewpoints on his formerly commendable employee, which fostered a hostile work environment. TerVeer’s allegations include descriptions of malicious emails from Mech that contained anti-gay quotations and photographs promoting violence against homosexuals.

    TerVeer was also allegedly misrepresented during his 2010 performance review and forced to go on unpaid disability leave in 2011 brought on by the workplace harassment. Because he hadn’t been paid sufficiently, TerVeer could not obtain the proper medical records to get his leave approved and was thus fired on April 6. The Washington Blade broke the story days later.

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