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  • Sexual Harassment Is Prevalent Around The World

    Whether you know someone who has been a victim of sexual harassment or you happen to be a victim yourself, contacting an employment lawyer in Los Angeles is a crucial step to take for any Southern California resident. Unfortunately though, sexual harassment isn’t an issue confined to Southern California, and happens around the world.

    Before the implementation of current legislation, victims of sexual harassment in the workplace didn’t have any choice but to resign from work. In a male dominated company, a case boiled down to the employee’s word vs. the supervisor’s a scenario that favored the higher ranking worker.  Though there were exceptions and the victim’s story was given ample notice, management would have dealt with the problem quietly and with an apathetic attitude. Luckily, the workplace has changed; there are enforced laws against sexual discrimination and there are lawyers who can represent victims in this sensitive case.

    However, this doesn’t mean that the workplace is devoid of harassment. A recent study in Israel showed that 11.4% of female workers are victims of sexual harassment. The research paper was made by a government agency, the Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry’s Research and Economics Administration.  The study was made through internet and phone surveys of more than 3,000 female workers. 35% of the women noted that the harassment was made by their direct superior and 26% were harassed not by a direct supervisor but someone who had senior positions in the workplace. The majority of the women, 60% of them, did not know where to report the situation. Only 7.6% were said to have reported to an authority.

    An employment lawyer in Los Angeles can assist in the filing of charges for victims of sexual harassment. The lawyer will be able to determine concrete situations and build the case around this. Should the victim have been terminated due to refusal to give in to the harasser, the lawyer can arrange for the victim to receive compensatory damages and back pay.

    Another country that has acknowledged the prevalence of sexual harassment in the workplace is Japan.  The Japanese government has put in place offices and hot lines to take on sexual harassment complaints.  Upon the implementation of the Equal Employment Opportunity Law in April 1986, more and more Japanese women have come out in the open to report workplace sexual harassment.

    A recent survey in Australia showed that 1 in 4 women are sexually harassed and almost 20% of those who answered the survey left their work due to this. Quentin Bryce, the Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner, revealed that in most instances the direct supervisor is the one harassing.  Release of the results of the survey and the development of a campaign called “Shout – Sexual Harassment is Out,” have made Australian women workers aware of their rights and the procedures and policies available to them.

    Other countries like the United Kingdom and Canada have anti-sexual discrimination laws in place, causing companies in such countries to be sensitive to such issues and strictly enforcing sexual harassment policies and penalties.

    Sexual harassment is a worldwide problem and women who keep silent about the treatment should now come out in the open.  Employment lawyers in Los Angeles are a great source for legal advice and representation. Contact a lawyer in your area to see what they can do for you.