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  • Sexual Harassment Is An International Issue

    Sexual harassment should not be taken lightly in the United States or abroad.  The consequences can not only result in a hostile work environment, but can have other societal impacts, and in some instances, violence and even murder.

    Last week in Mumbai, charges were filed against four people in what has been termed the “Amboli harassment and murder case.”  This double homicide took place on October 20, 2011, and shows that sexual harassment was the provocation leading to a fight and assault on Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernandez.  Allegedly, a fight ensued after Jeetendra Rana, the main accused, made a lewd comment about one of the girls who were accompanying Santos and Fernandez.  Rana’s comment allegedly led to an argument, following which Rana came back with three other friends, Deepak Piswal, Sunil Both, and Satish Durgraj. They allegedly stabbed Santos and Fernandez, both of whom died from their injuries.

    Deputy Commissioner of Police, Pratap Dighavkar, confirmed that the police had filed the charges, and stated that they are seeking the harshest punishment for the accused. This illustrates the escalating nature of harassment. Showing that sexual harassment and assault aren’t limited to international society, over 600,000 women are victims of assault or assault with a weapon, more than 42,000 women are sexually assaulted or raped, and greater than 23,000 women are robbed in the workplace every year in the United States.

    Any person that feels they are experiencing harassment in the workplace has the right to receive protection and compensation from their employer, as stated by California law. The passing of the 1991 Civil Rights Act has led to an increasing number of individuals speaking out against their employer when sexual harassment in the workplace occurs.

    Programs are important to prevent harassment from escalating to violence and to quickly take any remedial measures necessary to resolve any claims. A program should alert and educate employees about the nature of sexual harassment and its impact on individuals and the work environment, and develop a plan for a harassment free work environment where common civility codes are followed, and ultimately to provide knowledge of the appropriate responses when harassment has occurred before it can escalate.

    In Southern California, a sexual harassment lawyer in Orange County is aware of the potential impact that sexual harassment can have on the employee. It is important to address these potentialities before they become issues, and to take prompt action should they become issues.  Any number of sexual harassment lawyers in Orange County can let you know that taking prompt remedial measures to address such situations is just as important as a workplace that discourages harassment in the workplace. In India, as well as Southern California, it is clear that sexual harassment without clear efforts to address it, can result in more harassment, even violence, and perhaps even death.  It is not just a lawsuit these sexual harassment lawyers in Orange County are fighting against, but it is against an environment that can escalate into a life threatening situation.