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  • Sexual Harassment in The Public Sector

    Sexual harassment happens in the public sector, just as it happens in the private sector. In this case, Ventura County Managed Medi-Cal Care Commission, its CEO, and Regional Government Services are all being sued for alleged sexual harassment of a former administrative assistant.

    Andrea Lucas is seeking damages for sexual harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, and assault & battery. It all began when Lucas started noticing her CEO gazing at her body. The stares segued to sexual comments, which segued to unsolicited flirtations, and unwanted touching.

    This sort of sexual harassment in the workplace is all too common. If you feel you have been sexually harassed in the work place, chances are you have. Fortunately though, California law protects you – and others like you. For this reason, it is imperative that you seek legal counsel immediately. Do not wait. Contact an Orange County sexual harassment attorney immediately.  An Orange County sexual harassment attorney can help you through the process, and can evaluate the facts of your case to provide counsel for the best legal course of action.

    In the case above, like many other sexual harassment victims, Lucas unfortunately felt compelled to remain silent, afraid that she would lose her job if she reported the harassment. This sort of fear is all too frequent among those who are sexually harassed. But there are laws to prevent and protect employees from retaliation. So do not be afraid. Although the process can be scary, an Orange County sexual harassment attorney can guide you, and ensure that your rights are protected to the fullest extent of the law.

    According to court papers, the CEO’s harassment caused Lucas emotional and physical pain – so much so, that she eventually took a leave of absence. Shortly thereafter, the CEO resigned and Regional Government informed Lucas that she would no longer be employed.

    Lucas and her attorneys will argue that she was terminated in retaliation for having reported the sexual harassment – which California law serves to prevent. If this – or something similar to this – has happened to you, you need to protect yourself.

    An Orange County sexual harassment lawyer can give you more information on California state laws as they apply to your case specifically, and can help determine the best courses of action. An Orange County sexual harassment attorney can be reached at (949) 260-9131.