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  • Sexual Harassment in Fitness Clubs

    Sexual harassment is not an issue exclusive to women in the workplace. A man recently sued his employer, a fitness club in Sherman Oaks, for sexual harassment from his female supervisor. The man stated that he had become the subject of his boss’ advances despite his repeated insistence that he wasn’t interested. Apparently unable to deal with the request for a purely platonic work relationship, his supervisor subjected him to retaliation.

    Jonathan Prince stated in his complaint that he has and continues to suffer from workplace humiliation due to his supervisor’s actions. The supervisor retaliated against Mr. Prince by seeing to it that during performance reviews his work performance was rated poorly thereby depriving him of potential bonuses and promotions.

    The sexual harassment all started when the female supervisor asked him to have drinks after work and even invited him to a trip to Las Vegas. Additionally, she sent him text messages laden with sexual innuendos. The offending behaviour carried on for an entire summer month. Mr.Prince claims he discouraged the woman’s behavior and had expressed his desire for her to cease her inappropriate behaviour.  When he did this, the woman retaliated through poor performance evaluations.

    The case above is a classic example of workplace sexual harassment. For Southern California residents, a sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles can build a strong case against those liable. The lawyer can look at the circumstances of the harassment; get documentation, such as the offending text messages, and interview witnesses to make the case stronger. He or she will also see to it that the victim receives compensation for any work bonuses or promotions that they were cheated out of.

    What constitutes sexual harassment?  A joke with sexual implications can be offensive to a person and not to some. If an invitation is accepted and it leads to sexual activity, this is not harassment.  Thus a sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles can readily identify if there is a sexual harassment situation and advise the complainant to pursue the case in a civil suit or with the EEOC. The victim should also be ready with all pertinent evidence and a list of witnesses to see if they would be willing to state the facts in the court.

    Fitness clubs where men and women are mixed and attires are sometimes provocative can be a place where such situations happen. Wherever the case happens, a victim should call on help and legal representation. A sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles will assist to the best of his or her ability. This skilled lawyer is well versed with the laws and rules about sexual discrimination and harassment in the workplace.  He or she is the best chance to get justice for what the victim has gone through.