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  • Risqué Restaurant Workers Fight Against Sexual Harassment

    Sexual harassment is an unlawful act not permissible in any work place. Most companies implement a training program meant to curb and prevent such bad behavior and offer periodic refresher classes to ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable performing their job. When the unfortunate happens and a sexual harassment incident occurs, women have many legal avenues to pursue against an aggressor. Reporting such abuses to a company’s Human Resource Center should be the initial step, if this does not deter the aggressor’s behavior, legal action may be required. If you feel discriminated against or are the victim of sexual harassment, contact a sexual harassment lawyer in Irvine for a consultation.

    Most work places adhere to a strict dress code for professionalism and to minimize office distractions which could lead to sexual misconduct; businesslike attire is meant to leave little room for misinterpretation by the opposite sex. But, professions that require a risqué uniform run the risk of the sexual impropriety line becoming foggy. Can scantily dressed women complain when their boss sexually harasses them? Are there different sexual harassment guidelines for certain types of careers?

    This question was recently pondered when a group of young ladies who waitress at a sports bar, filed suit against their employer for inappropriate comments and lewd behavior on the job. Tilted Kilt is a pub located in Chicago made popular by their employees who are known for their Celtic like attire consisting of a micro mini plaid skirt, bra top, and knee high socks, a uniform designed to leave little to the imagination. Nineteen women claimed to have been subjected to sexual harassment by their boss; the women accuse management of inappropriate touching, requesting of sexual favors, and making obscene remarks towards them in front of patrons of the establishment. If you have complained about sexual harassment and nothing has been done to address or end the wrongdoing, contact a sexual harassment lawyer in Irvine to help fight for you.

    Like Hooters, The Tilted Kilt is a sports themed eatery with an attractive wait staff; the allure of the restaurant is undoubtedly the scantily clad young servers which have kept both businesses thriving. Women who apply for these positions must understand that sex appeal is a job requirement and there may be a risk of being objectified or ogled by customers and coworkers. Although women have the right to dress any way they see fit, the line of sexual harassment may become blurred when women work in these atmospheres. It is best to understand sexual harassment and be educated on what to do if it occurs; women should know the proper channels to report instances and speak out against any inappropriate behavior.

    Ultimately, the courts will determine if there have been any laws broken by The Tilted Kilt’s management and a judgment will decide whether the women are deserving of monetary compensation, but the case should help forward the crusade against sexual harassment in the workplace. Contact a sexual harassment lawyer in Irvine if you feel you have a case against an employer.