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  • Rise in Men Filing Sexual Harassment Claims

    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has released a report that there has been a decline in sexual harassment cases filed with them, a 26.3% reduction to be exact. In 1997, there were 16,000 charges made; flash forward to 2010 there have only been 12,000.  Such a significant reduction in filed cases is indicative of the success companies have been having in educating their companies.

    However, contrary to the drop in total sexual harassment claims is the fact that claims among men are on the rise. These charges filed by men accounted for 16.4% of the total claims filed in 2010. Figures from 1997 show that only 11.6% of the period’s claims were attributed to men filing charges.

    A sexual harassment lawyer in Orange County can assist a sexual harassment victim.  Sexual discrimination is a crime, be it a direct demand for sexual favors or creation of a hostile environment caused by such act. The lawyer can determine the conditions of harassment, interview witnesses and file appropriate charges with management. If the complaint will not be given action then the case can be brought to the attention of the EEOC.

    Of particular note is the restaurant industry, in which males are frequently victims of sexual harassment.  Asking for sexual favors and intimidation are prevalent in the mentioned business type. A lawyer based in San Francisco now specializing in food industry employees says that the restaurant business has very fast turnovers and is an expeditious one. Employers from this industry find it difficult to keep abreast with what the employees are doing, thereby leading to harassment.

    A sexual harassment lawyer in Orange County is a skilled attorney who can fight for the harassment victim.  Knowing the facts of the sexual harassment situation, he or she will be able to offer a good legal representation of the victim. The victim will also have clear advice on what to do in case he or she is still employed with the company. This type of lawyer is well-versed on the sexual discrimination laws that have been violated.

    A manager or supervisor that implies sex is not acceptable in a work place. Most companies have standing guidelines and procedures on sexual harassment grievances.   Unfortunately, some companies do not give so much weight to protestations or, when they do, they give an unsatisfactory action. When this happens, a sexual harassment lawyer in Orange County should be called. No worker should be subjected to unpleasant sexual advances. There are federal and state laws to protect employees from such situations and a government agency where grievances can be made.

    In the Orange county area, there are hundreds of sexual harassment lawyers that can tackle the case and bring justice to the victim or victims.