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  • Phallic Dumplings Cited in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

    A former bartender at high-profile Chin Chin restaurant in Manhattan, New York filed a lawsuit against owner Jimmy Chin this month. The upscale restaurant is known for catering to celebrities hungry for Asian cuisine in the East Side. Past diners have included Jennifer Lopez, Tyra Banks, Mariah Carey and Sean “P. Diddy” Combs. The bartender, Yvonne Diaz, said that Chin Chin employees including the owner would make dumplings that resembled the shape of male genitals and dangle them before their crotch areas to make it look as if they had large penises.

    Allegedly, these phallic dumplings were served to the restaurant’s famous clientele after they had been defiled by the employees. Diaz disregards the fact that such practices would violate standards of local food safety. In her sexual harassment lawsuit, she focuses on claims that Jimmy Chin and other Chin Chin employees often played with food inappropriately during work hours. Waiters and waitresses would hold up ripe, juicy oranges to their chests and run at Diaz while chanting phrases of a sexual nature.

    In addition, Diaz said that Chin Chin employees would gather in the restaurant’s kitchen every Sunday without fail to watch pornographic movies together. After the X-rated activity, the group would sexually harass and ogle her. Diaz claimed in her Chin Chin sexual harassment lawsuit that she had been physically groped on several of these weekend occasions. One male employee allegedly pressed himself against her backside suggestively.

    Diaz’s sexual harassment lawsuit cites unspecified damages for trauma caused by the penis-shaped dumplings, fruity bosoms and porno-flick parties. Owner Jimmy Chin has since denied that the ex-bartender’s sexual harassment lawsuit hold any truth. Chin poked fun at the claims, saying that they were “ridiculous” and “frivolous.” Diaz had been tending the bar at the restaurant since 2007, but she left the position last October. Her lawsuit filed complaints that Mariah Carey was given special privileges to sit at a hidden table at Chin Chin in order to conceal her drugged state, a claim which Carey’s attorney has fervently denied as well.

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