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  • Petition Seeks Workplace Equality for LGBT Community

    A petition consisting of more than 100,000 American signatures asked President Barack Obama to sign an executive order demanding anti-discrimination policies for LGBT employees who work at the federal level. The petition came into fruition because Tico Almeida, the president of an LGBT activist group called Freedom to Work, wanted to address workplace harassment experiences by members of the LGBT community. According to Almeida’s organization, more than 15 million LGBT employees who work for the United States government serve every day without protection from workplace harassment relating to homophobic or anti-LGBT tendencies.

    In a statement released after the petition was publically criticized, Almeida said that the strong response to his group’s proactive push shows that people are unwilling to use taxpayer’s dollars to prevent workplace harassment for their LGBT peers. Almeida rejects the idea that the federal government should fund prejudice in the US work force. His group advocates that companies contracted by the government should be required to protect their employees’ personal freedoms with clear mandates prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation, real or perceived.

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    Workplace harassment on the basis of sexual orientation is a serious and growing problem in the United States. By law, an employer is supposed to treat all employees without regard to gender, marital status, age, pregnancy, sex, religion, ancestry, national origin, color, race, medical conditions, veteran status or sexual orientation. This includes sexual discrimination during the hiring, assigning, promoting, discipline and terminating processes. Living every day in a professional place that allows sexual discrimination can cause lasting mental anguish, a loss of confidence and decreased productivity that may have its own consequences. Don’t let sexual orientation discrimination

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