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  • NSVRC Campaigns for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

    Activists against sexual assault will be promoting their cause with a little extra push this April, the nation’s official Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). Events contributing to the 2012 campaign aim to endorse healthy sexuality and, at the same time, put a stop to sexual violence. In California, a sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles hopes to spread the word about the importance of reporting sexual assault to authorities in order to protect yourself and your rights, and to educate other victims of sexual harassment about how they can get help from the right professionals.

    Many kicked off the Sexual Assault Awareness Month on Tuesday, April 3, with the official 2012 SAAM Day of Action. Businesses, non-profit groups and individuals came together in their communities and online to start a nationwide conversation about how sexual assault should be prevented and controlled in the United States. Social media and networking sites played a big role in making the Day of Action more widespread and effective. Thousands of people, from students to professionals, changed their profile pictures and statuses to remind their friends and family about the cause.

    The National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) was founded more than a decade ago to serve as a central hub for people looking to find information about sexual assault and sexual harassment. The Center’s founder, the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape, had been an established and highly regarded organization before opening the NSVRC. The NSVRC is funded by a cooperative effort from the Division of Violence Prevention of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Visit the NSVRC’s website to find more great ideas if you want to plan an event in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness. Below you will find a list of ideas of ways to connect, as suggested by NSVRC representatives.

    • Take advantage of social media outlets to spread the word.
    • Set up a booth or table in your community to raise awareness.
    • Get involved with established sexual awareness and prevention organizations, such as the Clothesline project or the Bandana Project.
    • Feature an art showcase with an anti-sexual harassment theme.
    • Ask for donations from small businesses to support local rape crisis centers.
    • Promote healthy sexual practice by teaming up with local bars and nightclubs (Good Example: Instead of a hand stamp shaped like an “X” you could create one for April that says, “Consent is Sexy!”)
    • Get in contact with legislators and members of law enforcement who may have more sway than you in spreading the message about sexual harassment and sexual assault.

    These are only a few ideas. Organize a book reading, sponsor a movie screening—the list of possibilities is endless! Just make sure to stay proactive this Sexual Assault Awareness Month. And if you need to take legal action against a perpetrator of sexual assault, then make an appointment to see a sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles.

    A sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles believes that engaging yourself with a community that supports victims of sexual assault will ensure that you feel stronger and more able to report violations if they occur. Please do not ignore the issue by letting an incident of sexual harassment go unaddressed. A sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles wants you to seek out help form people who care about you and who want to spread the word about your situation to others. A sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles sees every report submitted and every case won in court as a step in the right direction.