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  • New Survey Reveals Alarming Sexual Discrimination in Alaska

    Next week, Alaskans are slated to vote on Proposition 5, also known as the Anchorage Equal Rights Ordinance, which campaigns for equal rights for the LGBT community in the city. Supporters of Proposition 5 are now able to cite results of a recent survey that provides evidence of widespread sexual discrimination based on sexual orientation. Representatives who are opposed to Proposition 5 passing in the state of Alaska have yet to comment about their opponents’ newly garnered support.

    The survey in question was conducted by an equal rights advocacy group called Identity, Inc. in conjunction with the Alaska LGBT Community Survey Task Force. A summary of the survey’s results, which totaled more than 130 pages, was released last week, almost immediately before the controversial Proposition 5 faces voter discretion.

    In the Anchorage LGBT Discrimination Survey, gay, lesbian and transgender people said that they had experienced sexual discrimination in the form of verbal, physical, school and workplace abuse. 7 out of 10 people who took the survey even admitted to hiding part of their identity in order to avoid sexual discrimination based on sexual orientation during job interviews and in normal working environments. Sexual discrimination data was collected from 268 members of the LGBT community who claimed to have lived in the city. The survey could be taken primarily online. Supporters of Proposition 5 and the Anchorage LGBT Discrimination Survey said that they welcomed the chance to give hard evidence to their opposition, who they claimed always fought back their equal rights argument with the assertion that sexual discrimination was not a relevant issue in Anchorage.

    But critics of Proposition 5 will definitely have grounds to claim bias on the part of their counterparts. Author of the survey, Melissa Green, who is a long-time advocate of gay rights, said that she and fellow researchers made great efforts to stay as objective as possible to minimize bias in the survey results. Doubtlessly, opposition to the survey being used as evidence in support of Proposition 5 will frown upon their attempts. Green has a history of writing similar surveys in the past. She is a public activist and writes for the blog Bent Alaska, which focuses on LGBT issues in the state. She works at the Justice Center at the University of Alaska, Anchorage.

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