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  • National Guard Pays Out $231,000 in Sexual Harassment Suit

    A former National Guard employee was recently awarded more than $231,000.  This, after the National Guard failed to properly investigate a complaint she had filed, alleging repeated sexual harassment.

    Vikki Rouleau was a GS-9 technician with the District of Columbia National Guard.  She resigned in 2010 though, after a co-worker’s “numerous unwanted advances” that included slapping her on the rare end, according to the recent ruling by Judge David Norkin of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

    This sort of harassment is not uncommon.  If you work in the Orange County area, and you feel you are the victim of sexual harassment, the sooner you report the harassment, and the sooner you seek legal representation, the better.  So do not hesitate.  Contact an Orange County sexual harassment attorney today.  There are rights to protect you – but the only way to ensure those rights are protected to the fullest extent of the law is to have legal representation.

    In the case above, although Rouleau reported the harassment while still with the Guard, the agency failed to explain her right to file a formal complaint.  This is not rare.  Often times people without legal representation, do not know their rights – all the more reason if you are being harassed to contact an Orange County sexual harassment attorney today.

    After being reassigned to clerical duties, Rouleau felt her reassignment was retaliation for having spoken up about the harassment.  There are laws to protect against this too.   This is all the more reason to have legal representation – again, to ensure that your rights are fully protected.  So do not wait.  Contact an Orange County sexual harassment attorney immediately.

    After resigning from the National Guard, Rouleau found work elsewhere within the Department of Defense, but at a lower-graded position.  The $231,425 awarded includes $37,000 to pay for three years of psychiatric visits and anti-depressant medications.

    This is not uncommon.  Victims of sexual harassment often endure physical and emotional pain and hardships.  An Orange County sexual harassment attorney can alleviate some of the mental stress involved by putting your mind at ease in knowing that you are protected.

    So again, do not hesitate.  Contact an Orange County sexual harassment lawyer today, so he/she can give you more information on California state laws as they apply specifically to your case.  An Orange County sexual harassment attorney can be reached at (949) 260-9131.