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  • LAPD to Payout $1.25 million in Sexual Harassment Settlement

    The Los Angeles City Council recently agreed to pay $1.25-million to a lesbian LAPD officer and a retired lesbian officer.  The payout serves to settle claims by the two women that they were repeatedly sexually harassed by their supervisor.

    The agreement is the latest of numerous six- and seven-digit settlements and jury awards the city has had to pay as result of discrimination, retaliation and other employment related issues brought about by LAPD officers.

    Sexual harassment happens in all forms, and in all sectors of business, ranging from the public sector as seen here with the LAPD to the private sector, as seen in a multitude of cases.  So regardless of your employer, regardless of your job, and regardless of your sexual orientation,  if you feel you have been sexually harassed in Orange County, chances are you have been.  Do not hesitate.  The first step to combating the harassment is to report it.  Protect your rights – and contact an Orange County sexual harassment attorney today.

    In the case against the LAPD, the two openly gay women were assigned to the department’s Van Nuys Division in 2010 where they were supervised by a 25-year veteran of the force.  According to the court documents, the women were recipients of vulgar sexual comments and propositions by their supervisor.  Despite repeated complaints to their more senior supervisors and officials, the harassment continued.

    The women’s claims were supported by their co-workers and colleagues who are said to have witnessed the abuse and were prepared to testify should the cases have gone to trial.  Rather than baring the financial costs of the trial, the City Council (and the female officers and their attorneys) thought it best to settle out of court.

    If you are the victim of sexual harassment, you are protected under California law.  The only way to ensure that those rights are fully protected is to obtain legal representation.  So do not hesitate, contact an Orange County sexual harassment attorney today.  Depending on the facts of your case, a settlement may (as was the case with the female officers) or may not be in your best interest.

    Professional legal-council can help you determine the best legal courses of action.  So again, do not hesitate.  Contact an Orange County sexual harassment lawyer today, so he/she can give you more information on California state laws as they apply specifically to your case.  An Orange County sexual harassment attorney can be reached at (949) 260-9131.