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  • Jury Awards More than $800,000 in Sexual Harassment Case

    Maria Bojorquez locked herself in her room, ashamed of the fact that she was being sexually harassed in the workplace. Until finally, she said enough is enough, and she filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against her former employer, ABM Industries. ABM Industries – which is the nation’s largest janitorial services company – has paid more than $6 million to plaintiffs in sexual harassment, and similar claims. Maria Bojorquez was recently added to those awarded damages caused by the company and/or its employees. In this case, the jury awarded $812,000.

    But it took Maria Bojorquez a number of years to finally raise the allegations: “When I went to the deposition, that’s when I found out what happened,” said her oldest son Randolph Bojorquez. “She didn’t share much with me. I think because of what happened (at) work, she felt ashamed and she didn’t want us to see her differently.”

    This is all too common. Do not brush sexual harassment under the rug. It is not to be dismissed, or taken lightly. It is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. So if you are going through anything that you feel might be considered sexual harassment, especially if in the place of work, contact an Orange County sexual harassment attorney today. Know your rights. California sexual harassment law aims to protect employees, but the only way to exercise your protection is to standup against the alleged harasser. A California sexual harassment attorney can help you navigate the scary terrain – because yes, it can be scary, but, there are Orange County sexual harassment attorneys that can help.

    In the case of Maria Bojorquez – in 2004, she was working as a janitor when her supervisor allegedly sexually harassed her. The harassment ultimately led to rape when she was alone in a room. The company investigated the incident, but later terminated Bojorquez’ employment, while the perpetrator remained employed. Six years after the incident, in 2010, Bojorquez sued ABM for sexual harassment and retaliation. Just recently, 8 years after the harassment took place, Bojorquez was awarded $812,001.

    Justice was served, yes. But, it took way too long for that justice to be served. If you are the victim of sexual harassment, contact an Orange County sexual harassment attorney immediately. Enduring sexual harassment is difficult enough. Not knowing your rights can only add to the mental and physical anguish. So do not wait. Act now. Make the call to an Orange County sexual harassment attorney immediately.  The law is on your side. You need an Orange County sexual harassment attorney to protect you, and your rights.

    According to court documents, Bojorquez’ supervisor frequently made suggestive comments and grabbed her breasts and arms. According to the complaint, he also exposed his penis and threatened to fire her if she did not give him oral sex. This is an extreme case of sexual harassment. But sexual harassment can be something as extreme as what Maria Bojorquez went through to something as seemingly innocent as a pat on the back.

    If you felt violated, then chances are you were. So do not wait – contact an Orange County sexual harassment attorney today. An Orange County sexual harassment attorney can be contacted at (949) 260-9131.