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  • Inmates Allege Sexual Harassment from Officers

    At the end of last month three ex-inmates sued Twin Falls County Jail Administrator Douglas Hughes, County Sheriff Tom Carter and multiple other jail employees for alleged assault, battery and sexual harassment during an assembly strip search. Plaintiffs in the Idaho lawsuit are Jonathan Guidi, Timothy Eugene Harvell and Frank Lee Gorrell.

    While serving their sentences in January of 2011, the three men were supposedly kept in the 100 block of the jail with 8 fellow inmates. Guidi, Harvell and Gorrell filed their harassment lawsuit in the United States District Court of Idaho on March 26. The lawsuit claimed that sometime around mid-afternoon on January 11, 2011, all the men were gathered in the facility’s recreation room for a block-wide cell search.

    Before each inmate was allowed to enter the recreation room, an officer performed a routine “pat-down” of him to check for illegal possessions. An hour later jail authorities allegedly announced that they would be performing a group strip search that would include everybody housed in the 100 block.

    According to Guidi, Harvell and Gorrell, the 11 inmates were then forced into a tight corner of the room and commanded to take off their clothes. The space allotted them was so cramped that the men’s bodies were touching as they were ordered to line up. In addition, the March lawsuit stated that all the inmates had to turn around, bend over and spread open their buttocks, apparently to reveal any concealed items. While following the jail workers’ orders the inmates were allegedly so close to each other that their faces were in close proximity to each other’s genitals.

    The three men claimed in their lawsuit that the inmates complained openly of the conditions to which they were subjected during the group strip search. But they said that the deputy on duty, Virgil Adams, just told the men that inmates didn’t have any rights. Allegedly, Adams indicated that Twin Falls County Jail was his jail, and that the men had to follow his rules.

    The 11 men were taken back to their cells after the group strip search and searched once again in the 100 block. Guidi, Harvell and Gorrell’s lawsuit includes descriptions of having been grabbed violently in the genitals. These incidents of sexual harassment were allegedly followed by a block-wide lockdown.

    Guidi, Harvell and Gorrell are now seeking retribution for having suffered excessive violence, sexual harassment and cruel and unusual punishment. They said that the jail officers failed to acknowledge their conditions properly, ignoring their individual rights under the 8th and 14th amendments. Jail authorities have yet to be officially served with the harassment lawsuit, so they declined to comment.

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