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  • House of Bijan Employee Files Claim Against Deceased Founder

    Sexual harassment claims are more common today than any other period; victims are choosing to stand up to their aggressors in the workplace without shame or fear from employment termination. The law is very clear about workplace harassment and many offices adhere to a zero tolerance policy against any comments or actions geared to make a member of the opposite uncomfortable or prejudiced against. Many companies make it easy to file a complaint against someone who is using inappropriate behavior or unwanted sexual advances towards others, but some find it more difficult to come forward when the aggressor is a boss, let alone a deceased boss! A sexual harassment lawyer in Irvine can help determine whether you have a case against someone for inappropriate behavior, contact an office today.

    Can someone file a sexual harassment claim against someone who is dead? Well, maybe. A Los Angeles woman has filed charges against the late founder of The House of Bijan. Records show that Brittany Anderson is suing Buan Pakzad, who died last year, along with his estate for sexual harassment and unlawful job termination. Brittany alleges that the deceased owner made inappropriate comments about her body, repeatedly asked her out on dates, and forcibly kissed her on the mouth. Her rebuffs did not deter Mr. Pakzad’s advances; she was ultimately demoted and lost various job responsibilities after telling him of her intentions to move in with her boyfriend. In the lawsuit, she also alleges racial discrimination and retaliation for complaining about Mr. Pakzad’s inappropriate behavior. If you have been the victim of similar behavior by a boss or coworker, contact a sexual harassment lawyer in Irvine for a consultation.

    The House of Bijan is a high end retailer located in Beverly Hills that claims to be the most expensive boutique in the world. The luxury store was founded in 1976 and caters to celebrity clientele like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Cruise, as well as, heads of state like John Kerry and President Obama. The boutique is still family run with eldest daughter, Daniela Pakzad, acting as its Creative Director. A request for an interview by CBS news regarding the lawsuit was denied and the case is scheduled for a hearing.

    Sexual harassment not only offends the victim, it also negatively affects everyone else around them. When inappropriate behavior is allowed to take place, other employees may feel uncomfortable; women who witness it may feel helpless to aid or defend the victim for fear of retaliation or may even begin to worry that they might be targeted by the same abuse. It is important for every company and office to educate all employees on what constitutes sexual harassment, how to avoid becoming a victim, and what to do if it happens to them. Since men and women may interpret conversations and actions differently, it is imperative to have a clear set of rules regarding conduct to avoid any misunderstandings between coworkers. If you feel you have been targeted by someone at work, contact a sexual harassment lawyer in Irvine. A lawyer can assist in dispute resolution and help build you a viable case. You have rights; do not let anyone take them away from you!