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  • Hostile Work Environment Might Not Be As Clear As Thought

    Is sexual harassment in the workplace apparent?  A California employee was awarded $250,000 in a sexual harassment by court only to have the case overturned by the court of appeals. The cause of reverse judgment was the ambiguous definition of “sexual harassment” and “hostile work environment”. If ever in the Orange County vicinity, locate a sexual harassment lawyer in Orange County to clarify the matter if you are a victim of sexual discrimination in the workplace.

    The woman in this case worked for 14 years in at ad agency based in Newport Beach. Before she resigned in the year 2005, she was able to get her hands on derogatory emails that were targeted at female workers. She also heard male co-workers describing women in a humiliating manner. Because she was uncomfortable about the work environment, the woman resigned.

    Subsequently, she filed a lawsuit against the company citing the EEOC rules about sexual harassment.  The court resolved the case with a $250,000 penalty slapped on the company. When an appeal was made, the appeals court reversed the decision. The appeals judge reasoned that a “hostile work environment” did not exist since the harassment was not carried out regularly or frequently.

    A sexual harassment lawyer in Orange County will conduct a thorough assessment for each case handled, including investigating the incidents and gathering evidence. Evidence can consist of emails, text messages, letters or any printed document that the perpetrator gave to the victim. Apart from the hard copies, the lawyer will conduct interviews with co-workers and other potential witnesses.

    The case mentioned would show that indeed there was sexual discrimination in the work place. However, it should be established that the harassment did happen and caused a “hostile work environment” for the victim. In a workplace setting, there is a very fine line when it comes to kidding around and flirting with other workers, as it may unacceptable behavior to some individuals.

    When a person seeks the legal expertise of a sexual harassment lawyer in Orange County, he or she would likely be briefed on the conditions that constitute sexual harassment.  The lawyer will spend time explaining and answering any questions that the victim may have. If indeed it is determined that you have a viable sexual harassment case, the lawyer will go through the aforementioned steps of building a solid case. If you feel you’ve been a victim, contact a sexual harassment lawyer in Orange County today.