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  • High School Teacher Accused of Sexual Harassment

    A long-time tennis coach-of-the-year and biology teacher was recently charged with assaulting and sexually harassing a student at Fairfield Ludlowe High School where he works. According to the student, whose name will remain anonymous because of her age, the teacher created a hostile environment at school for her. The sexual harassment lawsuit was filed by a lawyer from the U.S. District Court and named the female student’s mother and the student herself as plaintiffs, and both the teacher and the school district as the defendants.

    The teacher’s name is John Honey. He had been teaching at another high school in town for almost 40 years when he transferred to Fairfield Ludlowe in 2004. Neither Honey nor representatives of the school district have provided any comment about the lawsuit to the press. Since he has not been officially been served the criminal charges, Honey is still employed and still teaching as per usual at Ludlowe High.

    The pending lawsuit stated that Honey kissed the female student on two occasions, once in a classroom and another time in a corridor. The latter instance, which was said to be forceful, was allegedly witnessed by two of Honey’s colleagues. They reported the incident, but administrative staff at the school failed to take any action. The law says that the school district is supported to report to the Department of Children and Families if complaints of sexual harassment come up.

    According to the sexual harassment lawsuit filed, Honey had a tendency for touching female students in his classroom and had regularly made inappropriate jokes of a sexual nature during lectures. The plaintiff claimed that during a student-teacher meeting to discuss her poor grades, Honey had suggested that the girl could have a career as a stripper. What specific reimbursement the girl and her mother are seeking to compensate for trauma, emotional distress and violation have not been disclosed.

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