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  • Food Network Personality Accused of Sexual Harassment

    Earlier this month, Food Network star Paula Deen and her brother Bubba Hiers got hit with a sexual harassment charge, issued by one of her former employees. Deen and Hiers hold co-ownership of a Savannah, Georgia restaurant called Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House. Lisa Jackson managed the restaurant for 5 years, a period during which she allegedly suffered repeated instances of workplace sexual harassment, before quitting and filing the lawsuit. Given the TV personality’s vast viewership, Deen’s legal proceedings will include extensive media coverage in the coming months—it’s the Martha Stewart story all over again.

    Jackson claimed that prolonged workplace sexual harassment had led to significant health concerns, including severe panic attacks. Jackson’s medical doctor allegedly advised her to resign from the management position in 2010. Her current lawsuit files complaints of sexual harassment instigated by Hiers, who she said made inappropriate comments about her and watched pornography in the office the two shared together.

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    Jackson’s sexual harassment lawsuit includes at least one count of gender discrimination committed by Deen, who allegedly told Jackson on her promotion day that she was being put in a “man’s job.” Although this instance took place years ago, Jackson has been unable to brush off offense, despite previous efforts. Gender discrimination is a serious issue facing American employees, even today.

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    A sexual harassment lawyer in Irvine also protects employees from racial discrimination. Jackson’s lawsuit also contained complaints regarding racist comments made by Deen and her brother. Jackson claimed that African-American employees were forced to use a different bathroom at Uncle Bubba’s than white employees such as Deen, Hiers and Jackson herself. If convicted on any of these gender or sexual discrimination counts, Deen’s TV career, which is driven by the woman’s image as a sweet and likeable Southern lady, could be damaged permanently. This type of racist behavior will not be tolerated by a sexual harassment lawyer in Irvine.