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  • Female Service Members Allege Sexual Abuse

    At the beginning of this month, 8 female service members of the United States Navy and Marine Corps filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against several of their active and inactive military superiors. The group includes two inactive officers of the Marine Corps, one inactive Marine, one active Marine and 4 inactive members of the Navy. All of the women claimed that male leadership had allowed for an environment in which sexual discrimination and sexual harassment was condoned, and reporting instances of assault while a victim was still enlisted would result in unfair retaliation. The women’s sexual harassment claim includes repeated instances of alleged rape.

    The nine defendants—a group of nine former and current Commandants, Secretaries of the Navy and Secretaries of Defense of the United States Marine Corps—said at a congressional hearing that the Force exercises a strict, zero tolerance policy against sexual assault and rape. But the female plaintiffs begged to differ, accusing their superior officers of demonstrating a high tolerance for such and a strict, zero tolerance policy against the victims who needed to report violations. Moreover, they said that complaints were not investigated and that perpetrators were not prosecuted. The sexual harassment case has been filed and will be reviewed by the United States District Court in Washington, D.C.

    Sexual harassment in the military is only one of a growing number of issues facing the American workforce today. Sexual discrimination in any environment can be a traumatic and stressful event in anybody’s life. Employers often turn a blind eye to the situation, which makes victims feel even more alone. If you are a victim who needs to voice a complaint, please contact a sexual harassment lawyer. Los Angeles attorneys are dedicated wholeheartedly to making sure that the victims of sexual abuse at work get proper reimbursement and post-traumatic care. Call a sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles if you need any help at all regarding a legal case of sexual discrimination.

    The service women’s lawsuit describes explicit instances of sexual harassment endured by the 8 plaintiffs. Elle Helmer, who in addition to being a former Marine officer served as a former spokesperson for Marine Barracks Washington, announced her stance at the National Press Club last week. The other inactive Marine officer, Ariana Klay, said that in 2010 she had been ganged up on and raped by a superior officer and his civilian ally while at her home in Washington, D.C. Klay said that the senior officer said that he would kill her if she dared to report the incident.

    This rare but newsworthy lawsuit regarding sexual harassment in the military reveals flawed enforcement. Attempts to control sexual harassment in the military, as should be seen by the Sexual Assault and Prevention sector of the United States Defense Department, have obviously been ineffective. Unenforced sexual harassment laws are a problem at the state and local levels. If you need legal assistance with sexual harassment in California, please call a sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles immediately. Every minute that you leave a case of sexual discrimination unreported to a sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles is another minute of silence contributed to America’s growing negligence about this issue. Don’t try to fight sexual abuse on your own. Let a sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles take you through the legal proceedings in the most efficient and effective way possible.