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  • Female Miami Beach Firefighter Wins $700K in Harassment Case

    A female firefighter from Miami Beach charged co-workers for prolonged sexual harassment and is now set to receive a compensation reward amounting to more than half a million dollars. The woman, Marlenis Smart, has been a firefighter and a paramedic since 2005. Her sexual harassment lawsuit claimed that the trouble started on day one of her job.

    Smart and her attorney, Beresford Landers, said that when she was hired, the boss and co-workers at the station introduced her as “the chick.” They allegedly criticized her for taking on the firefighting position as a leisurely pursuit, noting that she did not depend on the salary because her husband made enough money to support her. Male co-workers allegedly commented to her on a regular basis that women like her should stay in the kitchen and kept responsible for only household chores.

    A Florida jury met last month and decided that Smart had indeed been subjected to a hostile work environment. They agreed with Smart’s claim that she had been sexually harassed for years, which resulted in damage both emotionally and mentally. She said that she started to experience chest pain and began vomiting blood. Smart was eventually hospitalized for her condition. The jury’s verdict won her 700,000 dollars in retribution. Smart is working again at the same station, which plans to appeal.

    In addition to the aforementioned charges, Smart’s harassment lawsuit contained several detailed descriptions of sexual harassment at work that she had endured. Smart said that the other firefighters at the station accused her of indulging in extramarital affairs with her co-workers. They would refuse to work with her just because she was a woman. Smart said in 2007 she requested a lock from her supervisor after a male firefighter walked in on her in the middle of a shower; he gave her a broom with the words “Smart Wedge” written on the handle. Smart also said that her co-workers had taken a swimsuit from her personal belongings and stained it with semen. She also reported death threats.

    Smart’s sexual harassment case is only one of a slew of harassment and hazing complaints from firefighters working in the south of Florida, both male and female. Sexual harassment at work is rampant all over the United States. Victims of workplace sexual harassment in California should not think twice about calling a sexual harassment lawyer. Los Angeles attorneys can help you organize the details of what you’ve gone though so that you’ll have an effective prosecution in court. A sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angles may inform you that you deserve compensation for the mental anguish caused by workplace sexual harassment. So make an appointment to report your case to a sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles today. A sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles will guide you through the steps to a court win.