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  • Cleaning Up Sexual Harassment among House Keepers

    Sexual harassment isn’t a contained issue. It can happen to anybody in almost any type of work environment. For example, take the case of Amanda Hulon, a housekeeper that worked at the University of North Carolina.

    While working at UNC, Hulon was under the supervision of a Wade Farrington. Mr. Farrington allegedly repeatedly made sexual advances towards Hulon as well as informing her that her job would become much easier if she simply gave in to his whims. What made the situation even worse was that when Hulon complained and was relocated to a different housing zone she was placed under the supervision of a close friend of Mr. Farrington. From there, her new supervisor retaliated against Hulon for refusing Mr. Farrington, prompting her to file a lawsuit against UNC.

    Upon Hulon filing her claim, protests sprang up in the attempt of shutting down the “culture of sexual harassment in housekeeping.” Hulon’s fight against sexual harassment even drew the attention of UNC chancellor Holden Thorp, who made a commitment to “pull us out of this continuous cycle of conflict.” Ms. Hulon hopes that her fight against sexual harassment amongst housekeepers will allow others to speak up and join her cause.

    While the attention drawn by Ms. Hulon is a bit out of the ordinary, her claims are not. In 2010, over 11,000 sexual harassment claims were filed, many of them were even filed by men. If you find yourself uncomfortable at work due to unwanted sexual gestures and advances from your coworkers, it might be a good idea to consult a sexual harassment lawyer.

    Sexual harassment doesn’t have to be limited to lewd gestures or words. Repeatedly being shown explicit images or being told sexually suggestive jokes both qualify as sexual harassment as long as you’ve made it clear that you wish for the behavior to stop. If the individual doesn’t cease, you should inform your Human Resources department or manager before consulting with a sexual harassment lawyer in Orange County.

    While the story above took place in North Carolina, the issue is also prevalent in Southern California. If you happen to be a victim of sexual harassment and have had no success with any tactics to stop it, immediately contact a sexual harassment lawyer in Orange County. Diefer Law Group specializes in handling cases similar to yours and has a fully equipped team of sexual harassment lawyers in Orange County to handle your needs. If you feel you’ve been a victim of workplace harassment, don’t hesitate to call us.