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  • Chicago School Worker Harassed By Employer

    A female employee of the Chicago School Board has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against both her supervisor and her employer. The woman claims that she has been subjected to repeated sexual harassment for more than a year by her male supervisor.

    The female employee stated within her complaint that the supervisor repeatedly sent her sexually suggestive messages, made improper sexual comments, and even asked her to alter her work habits so the he could be with her more time throughout the work day. The female worker alleges that the supervisor would constantly tell her that she looked and smelled good that he would like to “do something” to her. The complaint alleges that the woman had informed other co-workers of her mistreatment. Upon learning of this, the supervisor then threatened her and demanded that she not pursue legal action.

    The male supervisor was suspended with cause, and thus without pay, last April in response to the woman’s repeated complaints. However, the female employee alleges that he continues to harass her through text messages and phone calls made from his city-issued cell phone.  The female employee now has an order of protection against him, although she continues to work at the Board of Education.

    The lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount of punitive damages and lawyer’s fees from the supervisor. The complaint demands that the Board of Education take appropriate measures to stop instances of sexual harassment within the school system. The complaint also alleges that the man was on a city wide “Do not hire” list but the Chicago Public Schools hired him anyhow.

    Sexual harassment is a day to day reality for many workers throughout the United States. Many workers simply never report the harassment because they are scared or embarrassed to do so. However, if such harassment persists in the workplace, then it is often best to rectify the situation by seeking legal help from a legal professional. A sexual harassment lawyer in Orange County can offer assistance if you have been subject to such harassment.

    Sexual harassment is in explicit violation of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Sexual harassment occurs when a victim is subjected to sexual advances that are not welcomed, is asked for sexual favours, or is exposed to sexually connoted verbal or physical conduct.  Victims of such unwelcomed harassment are often threatened with negative repercussions or with diminished work opportunities if they do not accept the advances of their co-workers.

    If you or anyone you know is a victim of sexual harassment, regardless of the severity, immediately contact a qualified legal professional. A sexual harassment lawyer in Orange County can help eliminate such harassment and may even be able to procure punitive damages.

    The law affords employees full legal protection against employers who engage in sexual harassment.  Employers have full legal responsibility to investigate and take measure to eliminate all reported incidents of sexual harassment.  However, if you are subject to sexual harassment and the appropriate measures to eliminate that harassment have not been taken, the next best step is to contact a sexual harassment lawyer in Orange County.