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Jury Rejects Sexual Harassment Claim by Ex-Employee

It took a jury in Delaware only 90 minutes to come to the conclusion that Diana L. Miller was not the victim of sexual harassment by her superior while she was an employee of the Delaware State Police Department. Miller claimed that Captain John Laird, who retired in 2007, coerced her into having sexual relations […]

Sexual Harassment In The Online Gaming “Community?”

Stereotypers rejoice; puerile behavior is alive and well in the online gaming worlds. It stands to reason that someone who spends a significant portion of their life “living” in a fantasy world where you attack and kill other people might not have the best grasp of social norms. But the reality is that in some […]

Food Fetishist Fired For Sexual Harassment By Pie

Who knew that that you could commit sexual harassment via pie? Well, apparently, you can. Gavin Bradford, 37, was working as a contract music teacher in Canada but lost his job after requesting that one of his young students stuff a pie down his pants. Inappropriate? Absolutely! This was not an isolated incident, however. It […]

Berkeley High Settles Sexual Harassment Claim by Student

Known only as Lilah R in court records, a teenage student at Berkeley High School in Berkeley, CA claimed that she was sexually harassed by her guidance counselor, Anthony Smith. The Berkeley Unified School District initially defended itself and paid for Smith’s attorney, but eventually decided to settle the case; making an insurance payout of […]

Dominos Can Be Held Liable For Franchisee’s Harassment Case

Because of a recent decision by California’s Second Appellate Division, Taylor Patterson, a 16 year-old victim of sexual harassment is now able to proceed against Domino’s Pizza, Inc. in court. Patterson was an employee of Sui Juris, LLC, a franchisee of Domino’s Pizza. In a complaint filed under the Fair Employment and Housing Act, she […]

Don’t Touch Your Tenants: Landlord Ordered to Pay $855K

Cincinnati landlord Henry E. Bailey is learning the hard way that you cannot exact sexual favors from your tenants for reduced rent. Fourteen women came forward with complaints dating back to March of 1991, and alleged incidents of misconduct that continued up until January of 2011. Bailey admitted to entering apartments without permission or notice, […]

Chicago Police Department Hit With Harassment Lawsuit

When you think of police officers you often think of individuals with pristine scruples, dedicated to protecting residents of whichever city they may reside in. However, what’s frightening is that even those individuals are often involved in less than desirable workplace behavior. There have been numerous recorded instances of sexual harassment among police officers, and […]

New York Women Subjected To Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a serious issue that should be handled with great care and urgency. Unfortunately, it’s an issue that occurs in schools, on the streets, and in the workplace. While the percentage of sexual harassment claims filed by men is increasing, the primary victims of sexual harassment are still women. In fact, 2011 saw […]

Orange County Councilmember Accused of Sexual Harassment

Carlos Bustamonte is in hot water these days. Out of jail on $100,000 bail, he faces multiple charges of sexual assault that took place while he was on the job as an administrator for the Orange County Public Works Department. Currently he runs the risk of losing his position as a Santa Ana City Councilmember, […]

Old Enough to Know: Teenager Files Sexual Harassment Suit

Rachel Martinez wants other teens to know that workplace sexual harassment should not be tolerated. The 17 year-old started working at a Jimmy John’s sandwich restaurant in 2009. After about a month, the general store manager started making comments. Martinez was subject to a barrage of sex-based remarks. But like any other employee, this teen […]