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  • American Apparel Founder Embroiled in Sexual Harassment Suit

    Sexual harassment at American Apparel, the basic color knitwear manufacturer and wholesaler for college hipsters, has been in the press multiple times since the company’s inception around 1990. In March of last year, yet another 20-year-old female, Irene Morales, sued founder Dov Charney on the grounds that the older man sexually harassed his former employee. Morales’s claim was filed in court and is worth a total of 250 million dollars for psychological abuse caused by sexual harassment.

    Morales started working in 2007 at American Apparel’s Chelsea store in New York City when she was a 17-year-old. She said that Charney threatened to terminate her position if she did not provide him with pictures of herself posing naked and tell him in gross detail her entire sexual history.

    In her sexual harassment lawsuit, Morales also said that Charney told her that she needed to have sex with him as soon as she turned 18 years old, if she wanted to keep her job and be promoted. Allegedly, the events that occurred during these months gave Morales intense anxiety and depression.

    In 2008, Morales was forced to seek out treatment for a nervous breakdown incited by sexual harassment, only to be harassed further when she returned to the store. She was unable to quit American Apparel because, as her lawyer Eric Baum said, she needed the work. Morales was allegedly promoted to a managerial position after showing up at Charney’s home and performing requested sexual favors for him for several hours.

    Morales said that since the incident Charney has expected this relationship to continue. She said that he asked her to visit him in Los Angeles during the summer. Charney allegedly asked Morales to accept a position at one of his LA-based stores, but she refused and finally left the company.

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