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  • Alabama State University Hit with 1M Dollar Verdict

    Judgment was returned by a federal jury last month regarding a case of sexual harassment at Alabama State University (ASU). The verdict calls for more than 1 million dollars in reimbursement for the victim, to be paid by the school. Jurors believe Alabama State to have permitted one employee to conduct inappropriate behavior of a racial and sexual nature, which allegedly created a hostile work environment. Women who worked at the school claimed that they could not file any complaints without getting punished further. One victim, a woman named Jacqueline Weatherly, was forced to give up leave time. Two other victims, Cynthia Williams and Lydia Burkhalter, were actually fired.

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    As for the lawsuit about sexual harassment at Alabama State University, lead attorney Kenneth Thomas has said little about what the school will do next. Thomas mentioned that he will, of course, try to protect the school’s interests. He also released a statement later on that suggested an appeal of the jury’s verdict will be made. Meanwhile, the three plaintiffs have expressed gratitude that the law has been properly upheld.

    The ASU employee who allegedly created a hostile work environment for Weatherly, Williams and Burkhalter was a woman by the name of Lavonette Bartley. Bartley had been working for the school for 27 years and had apparently used racial profanity on a regular basis. Witnesses have claimed that Bartley used the “N-word” and called her white co-worker, Burkhalter, a “white bitch.” Bartley, Williams and Weatherly are all African-American women. A male supervisor in the women’s office by the name of John Knight has also been accused of workplace sexual harassment, but his case may not be included in the $1M judgment.

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