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  • Advent Of “Sexting” Opens New Frontier For Sexual Harassment

    Constant Vulnerability to Cell Phone Text Harassment

    These days, people are rarely alone—your friends, family and co-workers most likely have constant access to your cell phone via phone calls, text messages and picture messages. In fact, with the advent of the smart phone, a person can even reach you via email and online social media anytime he or she so chooses, as long as your phone is turned on and on your person.

    Although convenience as such can definitely make life easier and make you seem more connected, it also puts everybody at risk of a relatively new development in the world of sexual harassment: harassment by text. Getting sent a “sext” from a significant other may seem harmless and playful, but what happens when the explicit messages or photographs are sent from the phone of a co-worker or employer or some other unwanted pursuer who has your personal phone number?

    Text harassment and e-mail harassment are becoming more and more of a phenomenon as technology advances, creating a big problem for sexual harassment lawyers in Orange County. The majority of people in the United States, especially younger children from middle school ages and up, own cell phones kept turned on and with the owner at all times. In addition to providing a link between ourselves and our social and professional circles, having constant access can also mean being vulnerable to uncomfortable social situations and, in some dangerous and severe cases, behavior that may warrant the involvement of sexual harassment lawyers or sexual harassment attorneys. Contact a sexual harassment lawyer in Orange County if you need legal assistance fighting a case of harassment via text message.

    Harassment by Text Happens More Often Than You Might Think

    Text messages can be composed and sent off to a recipient in a matter of seconds, if you’re skilled enough. This new form of communication has not only given sexual harassers a quick and easy new channel to attack their victims, but also given merely careless people who are otherwise innocent a reason to double-check before they act in order to avoid legal consequences. Sending a text to another person is too easy. A person in a particular mood may write something offense and send it away—no take-backs—before even thinking twice about how inappropriate it might have been. Cell phone technology, in addition to making us constantly vulnerable, has made it too simple for perpetrators of sexual harassment to invade our personal space, our personal lives. Contact a sexual harassment lawyer in Orange County if you’re receiving unwanted sexual text messages or are experiencing any kind of mail harassment in California.

    Most states legislatures have made clear amendments to their sexual harassment laws to include forms of electronic communication. That makes text harassment, e-mail harassment and any other example of harassment through the use of computers and cell phones just as illegal as forcing physical contact of a sexual nature onto another person. In California, in fact, a sexual harassment lawyer in Orange County will tell you that even a one, single text that contains unwanted or unsolicited content of a sexual nature, may act as grounds for a sexual harassment lawsuit, prosecutable by a harassment lawyer or harassment attorney. Call a sexual harassment lawyer in Orange County if you want more information about “sexting” laws in your state.