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    According to the EEOC, since 1997 there has been an average of almost 14,000 sexual harassment claims filed per year. The sexual harassment claims are filed by both genders, as 16.4% of claims filed in 2010 were filed by men. The Orange County Sexual Harassment Lawyer Blog aims to educate readers on what constitutes workplace sexual harassment and the steps they can take to resolve it. Filing a sexual harassment case and building a proper case is a tough job to do without the help of an Orange County sexual harassment lawyer, but our blog gives you the help you need in gathering evidence before consulting with a lawyer.

    There are times when the internal procedures implemented by companies fail to provide you with the results you need, in such cases the Orange County Sexual Harassment Lawyer blog can be a useful tool in deciding upon the subsequent course of action. In addition to sexual harassment, the Orange County Sexual Harassment Lawyer blog covers other areas of employment law, such as wrongful termination, in order to provide you with a reliable resource against workplace misconduct.

    Learn about the various reasons to file a wrongful termination suit, including racial discrimination and sexual orientation discrimination. An average of 14,000 sexual harassment claims per year is far too high, and the Orange County Sexual Harassment Blog hopes to reduce the number through spreading knowledge of appropriate and inappropriate workplace behavior. It’s entirely possible that many people might be offending others without being aware of their behavior. General cognizance of the pillars of sexual harassment is what the Orange County Sexual Harassment Lawyer blog is helping others achieve.