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  • 5 Security Guards Sue Former Co-Founder of Microsoft

    Billionaire Paul Allen of Vulcan, Inc. faces charges filed by his security guards claiming that Allen paid them less than their promised salaries, failed to compensate them for overtime work and forced them to break the law. Allen is known for co-founding Microsoft with Bill Gates, but he founded Vulcan, Inc. later in order to manage investments. One security guard, Ramon Sandoval, also claimed to have been sexually harassed by the President and CEO of Vulcan, Inc., which happens to be Allen’s sister. Paul and Jody Allen and their company now face charges in King County Court in Seattle, Washington.

    After Sandoval filed his claim, four other security guards who had worked with him came forward to support the lawsuit. Among them was a former Director of Security who apparently had filed comparable legal complaints last year. Both lawsuits mention unprofessional behavior at Vulcan, Inc. by both Jody and Paul Allen. 1 of the 5 security guards decided to dismiss his claim, but the 4 remaining are being represented by Washington attorney Rebecca Roe. There had been another attorney representing the litigants but he withdrew from the case.

    The 4 pending suits complain of defamation, fraud, constructive termination and a hostile work environment at Vulcan, Inc. The corporation has denied any illegal activity and has indicated that the lack of evidence in the security guards’ cases will be dealt with in court.

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    According to allegations, Vulcan, Inc. changed Sandoval’s promised work schedule to a “fluctuating workweek” with less overtime pay after he has already committed to the position under other terms. Sandoval was allegedly encouraged to relocate anyway and to take the job after a Vulcan recruiter told him that the new terms would not be enforced. Sandoval was forced to sign a contract locking down the unfavorable terms on his first day on the job. It said in the claim that he signed the document but then started to look for another job immediately. The claim also includes allegations of misrepresentation, breached contractual obligations and violation of minimum wage. Sandoval quit in April and now works as a U.S. Air Marshal. For more information about how to file a claim about a hostile work environment, please make an appointment with a sexual harassment lawyer in Riverside.