Monthly Archives: March 2013

LAPD to Payout $1.25 million in Sexual Harassment Settlement

The Los Angeles City Council recently agreed to pay $1.25-million to a lesbian LAPD officer and a retired lesbian officer. The payout serves to settle claims by the two women that they were repeatedly sexually harassed by their supervisor.

National Guard Pays Out $231,000 in Sexual Harassment Suit

A former National Guard employee was recently awarded more than $231,000. This, after the National Guard failed to properly investigate a complaint she had filed, alleging repeated sexual harassment.

State Pays $1M to Settle Sexual Harassment Claims

The State of New York has agreed to pay in excess of $1 million in public money to settle sexual harassment claims against state workers.

Sexual Harassment in The Public Sector

Sexual harassment happens in the public sector, just as it happens in the private sector. In this case, Ventura County Managed Medi-Cal Care Commission, its CEO, and Regional Government Services are all being sued for alleged sexual harassment of a former administrative assistant.