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Study Shows Workplace Textual Harassment is on the Rise

Cyber bullying and textual harassment is frequently considered an issue for adolescents whose access to technology risks exposure to sexual and other harassment experiences. But a recent government study shows that in the context of the workplace, textual harassment is on the rise for adults as well. The study suggests that 23% of all workplace […]

Canadian Sexual Harassment Pioneer Speaks Out

In 1982, Dianna Evangeline (known as Dianna Janzen at the time) was 21 and a waitress in Winnipeg. She and a fellow waitress, Tracy Govereau, were subject to sexual harassment and verbal abuse by a male cook. The story is shockingly common: the cook made sexual advances towards the women, they said no, then; he […]

Sharon Stone Calls Wrongful Termination Suit Frivolous

Sharon Stone, the actress famous for her roles in movies such as Basic Instinct and Casino, has a new role to play; defendant. Stone hired Erlinda Elemen as a live-in nanny to care for her children in 2006.  Elemen worked for Stone for over four years but in early 2011 she was fired. In a […]

Self-Proclaimed Cougar Gets Jail Time for Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is not solely a workplace concern for women. While it stands to reason that under the law both the victim and the harasser can be either male or female, and that they can also be of the same sex, it still surprises many when men file claims. According to the EEOC however, suits […]

LGBT Community Lacking Workplace Protections

New legal research shows that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered individuals face high levels of employment discrimination and lack adequate workplace protections. This research was conducted by the Williams Institute, a think tank at UCLA Law School that advances gender identity and sexual orientation public policy and legislation, and was published in the Loyola of […]

How Should Employers Handle Co-Worker Romance?

Married couples or couples in long-term relationships often have interesting stories of how they met.  Some have known each other for a very long time, having gone to school together or having grown up next door to one another.  Still others may have met their future spouse through extended friendships – through a friend of […]

Chicago School Worker Harassed By Employer

A female employee of the Chicago School Board has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against both her supervisor and her employer. The woman claims that she has been subjected to repeated sexual harassment for more than a year by her male supervisor. The female employee stated within her complaint that the supervisor repeatedly sent her […]

Florida Employee Granted $150,000 in Harassment Case

Unfortunately, sexual harassment occurs in the workplace, and there seems to be no end in sight. While the total number of sexual harassment claims filed in 2011 was the lowest it’s ever been, there were still 11,364 cases filed. If you factor in the countless number of incidents that weren’t reported, it becomes clear that […]

Janitorial Services Giant Forced To Clean Up Its Policies

Maria Bojorquez came to the United States from Jalisco, Mexico in 1987 in search of a better life.  After living in Los Angeles, California for a few years and working as a housekeeper at a hotel, she moved her family up north, to the Bay Area; first to San Francisco, and later to Oakland, where […]