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Sexual Harassment Payouts Are Shockingly Low

If you think sexual harassment is an American phenomenon, think again.  Sexual harassment almost certainly occurs in workplaces throughout the world, although perhaps incidents of harassment are underreported or less publicized.   Cultural attitudes toward the role of men and women in society probably contribute to these differences and influence how different countries deal with this […]

Female Work Bullies Shown To Favor Bullying Other Women

Unfortunately, workplace harassment is an issue that just won’t seem to go away. While workplace bullies are generally male, this doesn’t mean that women aren’t getting in on the action as well. Instead of a show of solidarity between women of the workplace, it seems female workplace bullies are twice as likely to pick on […]

Victim of Rape Shares Her Story

Candice Hall didn’t tell her mother that she’d been raped at age 16 until 4 years after the attack. She didn’t tell anybody else for another 4 years after that. Hall is now 34 years old, living in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She speaks publically at schools and community centers in order to encourage younger victims […]

Sexual Orientation Discrimination at the Library of Congress

Investigators on Capitol Hill are looking into complaints of sexual orientation discrimination at the Library of Congress. Democratic Senator Charles Schumer from New York told local news reporters at radio station WTOP that he responded to allegations filed by an ex-analyst who claimed to have been fired by his boss for being gay. Schumer is […]

Phallic Dumplings Cited in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

A former bartender at high-profile Chin Chin restaurant in Manhattan, New York filed a lawsuit against owner Jimmy Chin this month. The upscale restaurant is known for catering to celebrities hungry for Asian cuisine in the East Side. Past diners have included Jennifer Lopez, Tyra Banks, Mariah Carey and Sean “P. Diddy” Combs. The bartender, […]

Inmates Allege Sexual Harassment from Officers

At the end of last month three ex-inmates sued Twin Falls County Jail Administrator Douglas Hughes, County Sheriff Tom Carter and multiple other jail employees for alleged assault, battery and sexual harassment during an assembly strip search. Plaintiffs in the Idaho lawsuit are Jonathan Guidi, Timothy Eugene Harvell and Frank Lee Gorrell. While serving their […]

Female Miami Beach Firefighter Wins $700K in Harassment Case

A female firefighter from Miami Beach charged co-workers for prolonged sexual harassment and is now set to receive a compensation reward amounting to more than half a million dollars. The woman, Marlenis Smart, has been a firefighter and a paramedic since 2005. Her sexual harassment lawsuit claimed that the trouble started on day one of […]

Sexual Harassment in Fitness Clubs

Sexual harassment is not an issue exclusive to women in the workplace. A man recently sued his employer, a fitness club in Sherman Oaks, for sexual harassment from his female supervisor. The man stated that he had become the subject of his boss’ advances despite his repeated insistence that he wasn’t interested. Apparently unable to […]

High School Teacher Accused of Sexual Harassment

A long-time tennis coach-of-the-year and biology teacher was recently charged with assaulting and sexually harassing a student at Fairfield Ludlowe High School where he works. According to the student, whose name will remain anonymous because of her age, the teacher created a hostile environment at school for her. The sexual harassment lawsuit was filed by […]

NSVRC Campaigns for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Activists against sexual assault will be promoting their cause with a little extra push this April, the nation’s official Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). Events contributing to the 2012 campaign aim to endorse healthy sexuality and, at the same time, put a stop to sexual violence. In California, a sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles […]