Monthly Archives: March 2012

Utah Fails to Pass Bill Protecting Gays From Discrimination

Discrimination of any kind is very detrimental to the individual who suffers from the bigoted opinions of another. Gays and lesbians have to struggle with hurtful comments and bias everyday because of their sexual preference, and often edure unfair housing practices and loss of employment when their sexual identity becomes known. Although groups like the […]

Is Praying A Good Solution For Sexual Harassment?

Oh, the power of prayer! We’ve all implored to a higher power at least once in our lives regarding our employment status. Some of us ask for help finding a job or seek a promotion with a big pay raise; but praying for our boss to stop his sexual harassing ways sounds outrageous and soon […]

Sexual Harassment: Do Employees Look the Other Way?

Are Facebook or other social networking sites causing the ethics in your workplace to decrease? A study found that people who spend at least thirty percent of the day surfing websites tended to look the other way at office misconduct or failed to report behavior that may be considered unethical. In general, more people are […]