Monthly Archives: March 2012

5 Security Guards Sue Former Co-Founder of Microsoft

Billionaire Paul Allen of Vulcan, Inc. faces charges filed by his security guards claiming that Allen paid them less than their promised salaries, failed to compensate them for overtime work and forced them to break the law. Allen is known for co-founding Microsoft with Bill Gates, but he founded Vulcan, Inc. later in order to […]

New Survey Reveals Alarming Sexual Discrimination in Alaska

Next week, Alaskans are slated to vote on Proposition 5, also known as the Anchorage Equal Rights Ordinance, which campaigns for equal rights for the LGBT community in the city. Supporters of Proposition 5 are now able to cite results of a recent survey that provides evidence of widespread sexual discrimination based on sexual orientation. […]

American Apparel Founder Embroiled in Sexual Harassment Suit

Sexual harassment at American Apparel, the basic color knitwear manufacturer and wholesaler for college hipsters, has been in the press multiple times since the company’s inception around 1990. In March of last year, yet another 20-year-old female, Irene Morales, sued founder Dov Charney on the grounds that the older man sexually harassed his former employee. […]

Rise in Men Filing Sexual Harassment Claims

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has released a report that there has been a decline in sexual harassment cases filed with them, a 26.3% reduction to be exact. In 1997, there were 16,000 charges made; flash forward to 2010 there have only been 12,000.  Such a significant reduction in filed cases is indicative of […]

Food Network Personality Accused of Sexual Harassment

Earlier this month, Food Network star Paula Deen and her brother Bubba Hiers got hit with a sexual harassment charge, issued by one of her former employees. Deen and Hiers hold co-ownership of a Savannah, Georgia restaurant called Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House. Lisa Jackson managed the restaurant for 5 years, a period during […]

Female Service Members Allege Sexual Abuse

At the beginning of this month, 8 female service members of the United States Navy and Marine Corps filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against several of their active and inactive military superiors. The group includes two inactive officers of the Marine Corps, one inactive Marine, one active Marine and 4 inactive members of the Navy. […]

Petition Seeks Workplace Equality for LGBT Community

A petition consisting of more than 100,000 American signatures asked President Barack Obama to sign an executive order demanding anti-discrimination policies for LGBT employees who work at the federal level. The petition came into fruition because Tico Almeida, the president of an LGBT activist group called Freedom to Work, wanted to address workplace harassment experiences […]

Dance Instructor Arrested for Sexting 15-Year-Old Girl

John Juul Nielsen, a 53-year-old dance instructor from Orange County, was arrested by police who came to his Cerritos home last month on charges that he had been texting inappropriate messages of a sexual nature to a 15-year-old student. Nielsen has taught various forms of teen and adult dance at the Orange County High School […]

Alabama State University Hit with 1M Dollar Verdict

Judgment was returned by a federal jury last month regarding a case of sexual harassment at Alabama State University (ASU). The verdict calls for more than 1 million dollars in reimbursement for the victim, to be paid by the school. Jurors believe Alabama State to have permitted one employee to conduct inappropriate behavior of a […]

Woman Wins 168 M Dollars in Historic Judgment

A physician assistant, Ani Chopourian, 45, just won $168 million in a case involving sexual harassment in California. Analysts said that the sum given to Chopourian may be, historically, the largest ever received by one victim of sexual harassment in the workplace. Chopourian received her credentials to be a physician assistant from the Yale School […]