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Veterinarian Files Sexual Harassment Against City Official

What happens when the workplace becomes a hostile environment full of unwanted sexual advances from a coworker? What should you do when your complaints about sexual harassment go unaddressed or are just swept under the rug? One such incident happened to a city employee in Louisville, Kentucky. Dr. Kendall Clay, a licensed veterinarian was subjected […]

Is an Employee Legally Obligated to Report Sexual Harassment?

Reporting sexual harassment to an employer can seem like an intimidating feat, but it can help victims of harassment and discrimination in the long-run if they ever seek out the help of a sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles and bring the case to court. Though not completely necessary to found the basis of a […]

Proving Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Sexual harassment complaints often require a copious amount of evidence in order to reach a satisfactory resolution for the victim. The first thing a victim should do is seek legal representation, and a sexual harassment lawyer in Orange County might just be the best option. The lawyer can evaluate the situations and provide proofs on […]

Yale Sexual Harassment Investigation

The FBI is investigating Yale University for the way it handles sexual harassment cases.  There have been 53 reported instances of sexual harassment dating from July to December of 2011. The myriad of cases brought to the administration’s attention ranged from sexual insinuations to rape. The investigation by the U.S.Department of Education started when some […]

Sexual Harassment is Against The Law: Know Your Rights

We all deserve to work in a comfortable atmosphere since we spend most of our day at our jobs; our relationships with our superiors and colleagues often dictate our mood and work production. When sexual harassment occurs in the workplace, our trust and confidence is shattered.  Sexual harassment is not only an uncomfortable feeling; it […]

Is It Socialization Or Workplace Harassment?

There is a very thin line between workplace socialization and sexual harassment. It’s crucial to know exactly where that line is so that you don’t overstep your bounds. Oftentimes, the harasser takes advantage of social situations to prey on the victim or victims.  There are also cases when an “innocent” admiration towards another person in […]

College Music Professor Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Last month, a story was released outlining accusations made by a female student from Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) who claimed that her music teacher subjected her to discrimination, sexual harassment and verbal abuse. Across the nation, the story conjures important reminders of the seriousness of college harassment and sexual harassment in professional environments everywhere. […]