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Following the Rules: From the Courtroom to Real-Life

Facts and Procedural Posture Rosalio Gutierrez, the manager of an International House of Pancakes (IHOP) restaurant in Racine, Wisconsin violated the franchise’s sexual harassment policy when he sexually and physically abused two teenage employees. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) brought suit on behalf of waitresses, Katrina Shisler and Michelle Powell, against IHOP, the restaurant’s […]

Former Olympians Aim to Protect Young Athletes From Abuse

Our children mean everything to us and their safety is always a major concern. Today, with many children living in a household where both parents work, a lot of time is spent without parental supervision; we trust that afterschool activities and sports programs can keep our children safe from predators that may wish to do […]

House of Bijan Employee Files Claim Against Deceased Founder

Sexual harassment claims are more common today than any other period; victims are choosing to stand up to their aggressors in the workplace without shame or fear from employment termination. The law is very clear about workplace harassment and many offices adhere to a zero tolerance policy against any comments or actions geared to make […]

Risqué Restaurant Workers Fight Against Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is an unlawful act not permissible in any work place. Most companies implement a training program meant to curb and prevent such bad behavior and offer periodic refresher classes to ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable performing their job. When the unfortunate happens and a sexual harassment incident occurs, women have many legal […]

Keeping an Office Romance from Becoming Sexual Harassment

Among 9-to-5ers in the United States, office romance is a commonplace occurrence, to say the least. For one, office relationships have been dramatized for years and years both on the big screen and on television shows such as NBC’s The Office. A poll issued by Career Builder last year showed that 4 out of every […]

Hostile Work Environment Might Not Be As Clear As Thought

Is sexual harassment in the workplace apparent?  A California employee was awarded $250,000 in a sexual harassment by court only to have the case overturned by the court of appeals. The cause of reverse judgment was the ambiguous definition of “sexual harassment” and “hostile work environment”. If ever in the Orange County vicinity, locate a […]

Workplace Retaliation in Response To Harassment Claims

None of us want to be the victim of sexual harassment or any other bigoted prejudices like age, race, or religious discrimination. But, all too often some of us experience these things in the workplace. Laws are implemented to protect us and legal avenues can defend our rights if we choose to file a lawsuit […]

Woman Beheads Attacker After Repeated Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can leave a victim with deep emotional scars; the act of continually being abused changes a person’s self image and has a negative effect on their self esteem and ability to trust others. Harassment can occur in the workplace or anywhere we have contact with members of the opposite sex; more often, women […]

Sexual Harassment or Conspiracy?

Sexual harassment, which is generally defined as unwanted and unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature, is a serious charge with serious consequences.  A victim of sexual harassment may suffer emotional and mental (and even physical) injuries, feelings of humiliation and helplessness, and they may have their reputation for honesty or good character unfairly maligned But […]

Advent Of “Sexting” Opens New Frontier For Sexual Harassment

Constant Vulnerability to Cell Phone Text Harassment These days, people are rarely alone—your friends, family and co-workers most likely have constant access to your cell phone via phone calls, text messages and picture messages. In fact, with the advent of the smart phone, a person can even reach you via email and online social media […]