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Dealing with Sexual Harassment in India Presents Difficulties

Sexual harassment is a global issue but measures to address it are more developed in countries like the United States compared to India, where there is no specific sexual harassment legislation.  Accordingly, fighting sexual harassment in India is quite different than in the United States, where the law is established and agencies are devoted to […]

Sexual Harassment Claims Can Threaten Licensed Professionals

A sexual harassment claim can have a detrimental impact on the accused, even if it cannot be proven.  Such a claim will not only tarnish a professional’s reputation, but may even result in the loss of a professional license in the state of California or even the entire United States.  This was the situation recently […]

Sexual Harassment Can Prove Costly To California Businesses

Sexual harassment is often in the news, most recently with several accusations against former presidential hopeful, Herman Caine.  Costs for sexual harassment claims can be staggering, both for the employer and plaintiff.  As a costly warning to employers in Orange County and throughout the state, California’s Second District Court of Appeal recently affirmed a $861,000 […]

Sexual Harassment Policy in China

Sexual Harassment isn’t a homegrown U.S. problem; it’s a rising problem in nations around the world, including one of the foremost up and coming nations, China. China has found itself with a mounting problem, and little in the way of procedure and policy to stem the growth. Further exacerbating the sexual harassment problem in China […]

Is Mishandling Corporate Funds Worse Than Sexual Harassment?

Hewlett-Packard Case Facts Mark Hurd, the former chief executive of Hewlett-Packard, has been accused of sexual harassment of, and filing fraudulent expense reports to cover up a close personal relationship with, former actress and reality television star, Jodie Fisher. While Hurd was found to have not violated HPs anti-harassment policy, an investigation revealed that he had […]

Sexual Harassment from an Employer’s Vantage Point

Introduction: The Reality of Meritless Cases Oftentimes, we allow ourselves to be consumed by our emotions, and when we hear the facts involved in a sexual harassment suit, we immediately and prematurely determine that the defendant is indeed guilty. However, that is not always the case, and it is common for an alleged “victim” to […]