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Sexual Harassment Is Prevalent Around The World

Whether you know someone who has been a victim of sexual harassment or you happen to be a victim yourself, contacting an employment lawyer in Los Angeles is a crucial step to take for any Southern California resident. Unfortunately though, sexual harassment isn’t an issue confined to Southern California, and happens around the world. Before […]

Teachers’ Perception of Sexual Harassment

We’ve all seen the movie about the beautiful young student who seduces the teacher, or was it the teacher who charms the student? Regardless of the storyline, the notion of sexual dealings between student and teacher, although unacceptable, is conceivable and widely recognized. However, an issue that is not contemplated as frequently is teachers’ perception […]

Texas Restaurant Owner Accused of Sexual Harassment

In some cases, it’s tough to know where the line is for sexual harassment. While the delineation can be difficult in cases of one-off jokes, pictures, or even date requests, there are a multitude of behaviors that clearly qualify as sexual harassment. Any sexual harassment lawyer in Orange County could tell you that groping coworkers, […]

Sexual Harassment Is An International Issue

Sexual harassment should not be taken lightly in the United States or abroad.  The consequences can not only result in a hostile work environment, but can have other societal impacts, and in some instances, violence and even murder. Last week in Mumbai, charges were filed against four people in what has been termed the “Amboli […]

Sexual Orientation Discrimination in Iowa Government

Godfrey’s Claim Chris Godfrey, Iowa’s Worker’s Compensation Commissioner, recently filed a $1 million lawsuit against the state’s governor, Terry Branstad, and is accusing him of defamation, harassment, sexual discrimination and extortion. According to Godfrey, the governor twice asked him to step down from his position because he is gay, and when Godfrey refused for the second […]

Speak Up: Don’t Let Fear of Retaliation Keep Your Claim Silent

Reporting sexual harassment can be tough, even without any other factors included, but unfortunately there are many cases when a sexual harassment victim experiences retaliation from either the company management or the harasser. When this happens, the best solution is to get the services of a sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles. Often times, sexual […]

Employers Must Take Responsibility For Workplace Harassment

Unfortunately, sexual harassment is an issue that a lot of people are forced to deal with.  Many individuals never resolve the issue or look for a solution because of embarrassment or fear of losing their job.  Sexual harassment in the workplace happens daily, not only to female employees, but to males as well. When such […]

Sexual Harassment Claims Within the Catholic Church

News related to allegations of sexual misconduct in the Catholic Church throughout the past few years has often focused on actual sexual abuse allegations against Clergy members.  However, there have also been a number of sexual harassment claims as well.  Last week, Larry Probst, a former worker at the Kansas City-St. Joseph Catholic Diocesan Archives […]

“A Leadership Issue”: Increases in Sexual Harassment in Military Academies

The number of sexual assaults reported at the nation’s three main military academies, the U.S. Naval Academy, Military Academy, and Air Force Academy, has risen from forty-one to sixty-five over the past academic year. These numbers, which are calculated in order to allow the Pentagon to assess the efficiency of anti-harassment and anti-violence policies, are now […]

University Student Subjected to Sexual Harassment and Racial Discrimination

As previously mentioned, sexual harassment on college campuses is a rampant problem that needs to be addressed. A student at the University of Bridgeport knows this all too well, claiming that in 2009 she was sexually harassed by a male student for months, being subjected to unwanted sexual advances and inappropriate sexually explicit comments. The […]