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The Importance of Total Honesty in Court

In 2007, Jamie Leigh Jones came forward with some serious accusations against her former employer, military contractor KBR. Jones claimed that while working overseas she had been simultaneously raped by multiple fellow contractors. Furthermore, upon reporting the crime, she alleges that KBR locked her up in a shipping container and tampered with medical evidence that […]

Nine-Year-Old Boy Suspended For Sexual Harassment

Intro: Verbal Harassment Sexual harassment comes in many forms: verbal, physical, and visual, and so long as the conduct at issue is of a sexual nature, unwelcome, and severe and pervasive, it likely violates both federal and state laws. Spoken sexual harassment has been said to include comments in regards to the victim’s clothing or body; […]

Sexual Harassment On Ivy League Campuses

Sexual harassment among young children in grade school is currently an unfortunately popular topic. Whether the stories are about the Brockton boy, the 9 year old suspended for calling a teacher cute, or a 7 year old who kicked a boy in the groin out of self-defense, sexual harassment stories about kids are dominating the […]

Sexual Harassment and Wrongful Termination at NBA Headquarters

While the NBA has been making strides towards dealing with sexual harassment, the problems may be rooted deeper than they believed. Warren Glover, 50, is the former security director for the NBA, having worked high profile events such as the NBA finals, Hall of Fame induction ceremony, the draft, and parts of the NBA All […]

Large Sexual Harassment Payouts: How Much Is Too Much?

$95 Million Payout Ashley Alford, a St. Louis resident, was awarded a $95 million judgment in a sexual harassment suit against her former employer, The Aaron’s Inc., a large furniture chain store. Alford suffered sexual harassment at the hands of the store manager, Richard Moore, throughout the first year she was employed by the company. She claims […]

The Prevalence of Sexual Harassment in the Military

Why Victims Are Afraid To Come Forward Sexual assault is ubiquitous in the military “because it is tolerated”. Victims are hesitant to report it for fear that they will be blamed or re-victimized, bystanders refuse to intervene, and managers are insolent and respond in unprofessional ways. For example, when Greg Jeloudov, a thirty-five-year-old Army soldier, reported that […]

How to Avoid Being Fired Due to Social Media

Considering social media’s remarkable feat of total world domination, it comes as no surprise that humans are social creatures. We enjoy sharing both positive and negative aspects of our lives with friends, family and even strangers, we like meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends, and we have become obsessed with staying in the “loop”. […]

Sexual Harassment Case Hits University of South Carolina Campus

The women’s soccer team at the University of South Carolina is a formidable opponent for any team in the nation. The 2011 squad showed their mettle by becoming the Southeastern Conference regular season champions, and has been NCAA tournament competitors for 5 years in a row. Coach Shelley Smith is currently in the running for […]

NBA Players Now Safe From Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Basketball fans across the country have been waiting for what seems like a very long time to witness the start of the season. Unfortunately the players and owners of the NBA had been mired in a bitter dispute regarding the collective bargaining agreement, but apparently some good has come out of it. Amidst all of […]

The Reality of Female on Male Sexual Harassment

Recent years have shown men to be reporting an increasingly large percentage of sexual harassment cases, up to 16.4% as opposed to 13.6% 10 years ago. It’s likely assumed that the reported cases are scenarios in which a male was harassed by another male, but that isn’t always the case. While it might not seem […]