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Sexual Harassment Among Children

Sexual Harassment is a prevalent problem in the workplace, with almost 12,000 cases reported in 2010, but often overlooked is the root of the behavior. Almost every company has policies in place to combat sexual harassment and provide employees an avenue to resolve their issues, but that doesn’t take care of the root of the […]

New York Hairdresser Files Pricey Sexual Harassment Claim

It appears that Liciana D’Angelo, a thirty-six year old Brooklyn hairstylist, has a legitimate sexual harassment claim against her employer, an upscale SoHo salon. D’Angelo filed a sixteen million dollar suit against the salon, claiming that she suffered a hostile work environment at the hands of her male co-worker and manager. Although D’Angelo loved her job […]

Do Sexual Harassment Lawyers Fight Pregnancy Discrimination?

Pregnancy Rights Pregnancy discrimination occurs when a female employee is treated unfairly due to her pregnancy or some other condition related to her pregnancy or childbirth.  A woman may have a pregnancy discrimination claim if she was terminated or demoted after notifying her employer about her pregnancy; if she was retaliated against for requesting necessary […]

Proper Prevention Could Stop Sexual Harassment

Once you’ve been a victim of workplace sexual harassment, there are a few options to dealing with it. If you choose to take action, which you always should, you may either run your case through your company’s internal process, meaning reporting it to Human Resources or your manager, or you could hire a sexual harassment lawyer. Regardless […]

Do You Need an Orange County Sexual Harassment Lawyer?

Is There an Actionable Case? There are two types of sexual harassment claims: quid pro quo and hostile work environment. The former refers to instances where an employer or co-worker insists that his or her employee perform sexual favors in order to receive job-related benefits or simply to keep her job at all. A hostile work environment […]

Wrongful Termination Lawyers Can Fight Race Discrimination

There are two types of race discrimination: Disparate-treatment and disparate-impact discrimination. Disparate-treatment discrimination, also known as simple discrimination, occurs when a person is singled out on account of a protected class, including race. For example, offensive comments or actions taken against individuals in protected classes may constitute race discrimination if the inappropriate behavior was frequent, severe, physically threatening and humiliating, and unreasonably interfered with the victim’s job performance. Disparate-impact discrimination is more subtle, and it occurs when a neutral practice has a substantial and harmful impact on a protected group and is not significantly related to the job, or if there is another, less restrictive alternative, which the employer refuses to adopt it.

Sexual Orientation: Grounds for Wrongful Termination?

It may come as a surprise that in seventy percent of the state of Pennsylvania, private employers are allowed to terminate employees solely on the basis of their actual or perceived sexual orientation. It may be even more unbelievable that Pennsylvania is merely one of at least four other states that forbid sexual orientation discrimination in […]

Putting an End to Sexual Harassment Among Students

Sexual Harassment at School: A Pervasive Problem Student victims of sexual harassment are protected pursuant to Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which requires schools to uphold rules against the making of unwelcome sexual comments and behaviors, both on and off campus. However, a recent survey conducted by the American Association of University Women (AAUW) reports that […]

What is Sexual Harassment? An OC Lawyer Can Tell You

It’s best to know exactly what constitutes sexual harassment before you find yourself needing the aid of a sexual harassment lawyer in Orange County.

Walmart Case Requires Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Sexual harassment is a big matter that’s often swept under the rug by employers or by employees unwilling to speak out. That’s definitely not the case with the class action lawsuits being leveled against Walmart. The lawsuit, initially representing over 1 million women, was eventually pared down to multiple claims. The U.S. Supreme Court asserted […]